[spectre] Re:[spect] list info

geert lovink geert@xs4all.nl
Wed, 29 Aug 2001 09:28:20 +1000

Hi all,

concerning announcements. I am not so much against them and I think that are
not exactly creating a environment in which an interesting
discussion/exchange will occur. I am not saying that Spectre should have
less announcements. I personally find them secondary and not all that
interesting. Necessary and but not vital for a list. I understand that
Annick and Eric as media professionals need this info but that can't all be
it. I like the idea of a quiet list but I would rather say a quality list,
with surprises and necessary differences. The silence related to the crisis
in Macedonia really worried me.

I do think that Spectre should not just be Syndicate 2.0 or even worse, 1.1.
Something went wrong and that something needs to analyzed. Just to continue
doesn't make sense to me and has the danger of repetition in it. Why not
change a few basic parameter or has everyone turned conservative in terms of
list culture and the everyday? I still like the ideas of a web-based
conferencing system a la slashdot which Amy Alexander proposed. I think
that's gonna be really necessary at some point and I don't see why we can't
develop such a thing. It's really not all that difficult anymore. Look what
www.autonomedia.org has done with their portal.

Best, Geert