[spectre] list info + ars meeting

honor honor@va.com.au
Wed, 29 Aug 2001 11:34:51 +0100


janos wrote:

> >SPECTRE concentrates on the artistic and political situations of Eastern 
> Europe to foster links of >communication and collaboration among media 
> art communities throughout the continent.  This >network connects 
> artists, activists, theorists, and media producers from 28 European 
> countries >through both online and offline venues, embodying the tensions 
> and conjunctions arising from the >cultural, geographic, and economic 
> remapping of Europe.

well, this is just a personal point of view, but i found this definition 
quite prescriptive and a bit restrictive.  i'm not sure its accurate to say 
that we only concentrate on 'eastern european' situations, and given the 
progress the syndicate made in trying to break down territorial 
distinctions of identity, i feel that using terminology such as the above 
might be regressive.

also, if members of [ spectre ] are from one of '28 european countries', 
that counts me out already.  is it necessary to be _from_ one of 28 
european countrries, in order to contribute to the list in some way?

anyway ....

regarding a meeting in linz - do we still want to do this?

who is available around lunchtime on tuesday 4 september (sometime between 
1200 - 1400)?
shall we stick with the brucknerhaus bistro?  i think that's the easiest 
location myself.  they always have lots of tables set up in the 
brucknerhaus, just near the bistro so this seems to be a sensible option.

so let's have a textual show of hands - who can come at this time?
if this isn't a good time, feel free to suggest another time.