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Inke Arns inke@snafu.de
Tue, 28 Aug 2001 22:44:16 +0200

At 18:36 28.08.01 +0200, Janos Sugar wrote:
>what about this:
>SPECTRE concentrates on the artistic and political situations of Eastern
Europe to 

nope. ;). why should spectre concentrate on situations in eastern europe? i
have to admit that I am as much interested in western "situations" as i am
in northern, eastern or southern ones. Madrid, Warsaw, Stockholm, Budapest,
Lisbon, Moscow, Berlin, Tirana, Marseille, Ljubljana, Genua, Bratislava,
Sheffield, Lodz, Linz, Tblissi ... 

>foster links of communication and collaboration among media art
communities >throughout the continent.  

i like "throughout the continent" though.

perhaps we should really leave of the notion of "deep europe" and rather
simply call it "europe", or "the continent", although "continent" might
sound as if you were speaking from a GB perspective (I was once invited to
a panel discussion in GB where i was supposed to give a "continental view"
on the media art education situation in GB... i told the audience that i
was "amused" ;)

the advantage of "deep europe" would be that it does not really designate a
geographic territory, but rather a state of mind, a kind of openness, or a
special way of joining different/separate entities together ...

>This network connects artists, activists, theorists, and media producers
from 28 >European countries through both online and offline venues,
embodying the tensions >and conjunctions arising from the cultural,
geographic, and economic remapping of >Europe.  

too much focus on "tension", and, more importantly: like this it all sounds
like a "finished" project. I think it should be kept more open.

>(slightly modified version of Jordan Crandall's column _ European net
communities_ published in Artforum, March 1998, p. 20)



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