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Mon May 11 16:13:21 CEST 2020

Flusser 100 ONLINE telematic dialogothon
May 12, 2020, from 12PM to 12AM CEST


Please join us for a 100th birthday party dedicated to
Czechoslovakia-born thinker of communication and technology, Vilém
Flusser, with a series of presentations, videos, performances,
discussions and unlikely information streaming from noon to midnight
CEST at : http://p-node.org/flusser

For those who know Flusser’s writing, it is quite appropriate that the
measures implemented to control the current pandemic produce an
intensification of the telematic society Flusser already anticipated at
the dawn of the Internet in the late 1980’s, his insights can still help
us understand our rapidly changing condition today.

Our program is hosted and moderated by Baruch Gottlieb and Steffi
Winkler, and features many who have known and worked with Flusser, such
as Andreas Ströhl, Michael Bielicky, Marc Partouche, Gabriel Borba,
Miklos Peternak and Laszlo Beke, as well as a vibrant array of
contemporary scholars, artists, designers and transdisciplinarians, such
as Polona Tratnik, Simone Osthoff, Marc Lenot, Katerina Krtilova and
many others for whom Flusser’s thinking remains a vital resource.

We will be taking questions and other inputs,
through the chat at : http://p-node.org/flusser

There is more information here : http://p-node.org/flusser
or by email info at flusser.club

Flusser100 is Initiated by Louis Bec & Baruch Gottlieb, produced by
Baruch Gottlieb with Steffi WInkler for Flusser.club e.V. in
collaboration with West Den Haag.


Thanks to ∏-Node and to all the participants, RYBN.org, Monai Antunes
Lefort, Benjamin Cadon, Vilem Flusser Archive Berlin, in recognition of
the founding work by Siegfried Zielinski, and dedicated to the memory of
Louis Bec & Edith Flusser.


Baruch Gottlieb, Steffi Winkler, Gehao Zhang, Przemysław Wiatr, Marc
Lenot, Eva Batlickova, Sebastian Sierra-Barra, Polona Tratnik, Ulrich
Richtmeyer, Laszlo Beke, Corinne Russo & Annie Stojanow, Colette Tron
Marc Partouche, Yves Citton, Gabriel Philipson, Aaron Jaffe, Andreas
Ströhl, Marc Lenot, Michael Bielicky, Miklos Peternak, Simone Osthoff,
Marcel Rene Marburger, Polona Tratnik, Gabriel Borba, Mario Cascardo,
Rachel Cecilia de Oliviera, Erick Felinto, Peter Zhang, Simone Osthoff,
∏-node and more.


Hosted on ∏-node within the ANTIVIRUS PROGRAM

∏-node is an experimental platform for the development of an hybrid
web/FM/DAB+ radio format. Through the interlinking of different
approaches, tools, technologies and networks a decentralized broadcast
structure is established where each of the network’s nodes serves to
both receive and transmit information. Such a structure seeks to break
with the classic one-way communication scheme, substituting it with a
horizontal peer-to-peer model.

∏-node wants to explore the many dimensions of radio – its physicality
(ether, radio waves and the electromagnetic spectrum), its spaces
(bandwidth, frequencies), its infrastructures (network of radio
receivers/emitters), its methods of production and editorial content
management (programming boards/teams, recording studios), its methods of
metadata reception (RDS/SDR), its history (free radio and pirate radio
movements), and its legislation.

Most importantly, ∏-node also wants to examine the future role and
potential of radio in a time when everything is going digital.


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