[spectre] for sale: politicians' implausible denial of white helmets' activities

heath bunting heathbunting at irational.org
Sat Feb 23 20:17:32 CET 2019

for sale: politicians' implausible denial of white helmets' activities

price: 500 euro (plus packaging and postage)

printed materials from the exhibition entitled ‘My Unsuccessful Attempts To 
Reverse Beliefs Based On Feelings With Facts Based On Evidence’ at INSTITUT FÜR 
ALLES MÖGLICHE, Berlin January 2019


1. emailing list of approximately 12,600 local british politicians (65 x
    A4 pages)

2. email sent to politicians revealing the white helmets as war criminals
    (1 x A4 page) and expressing concerns about their settlement in local
    british communities after evacuation from syria

3. collection of replies from politicians: mostly insulting (26 x A4

4. email from a serving british military intelligence worker confirming
    that the white helmets are a british propaganda construct (1 x A4 page)

5. production notes (8 x A4 pages)

each page numbered, embossed and initialled by artist

for further information on the white helmets

1. UN report detailing white helmet activities including organ harvesting
    and trafficking


2. article concerning BBC producer revealing that white helmets
    faked gas attacks that lead to NATO air strikes against syria


3. detailed presentation of white helmets activities by vanessa beeley


4. overview of smearing of the peace activists by state intelligence
    agencies including integrity initiative


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