[spectre] Supre:organism – Open Call AI Lab residency

Miha/ Waag miha at waag.org
Sat Feb 23 12:17:52 CET 2019

Waag is pleased to announce the open call for artists to develop new work through an artistic residency together with the International Lunar Exploration Working Group (ILEWG). The Supre:organism residency of Waag’s AI Lab aims to engage artistic perspectives on understanding living materiality in outer space with use of emerging AI technologies.

Outer space has presented itself as a contemporary condition where humanness is being redefined in the absence of arts, humanities and social studies. With this open call, we provide an opportunity to expand established human space activities with a multiplicity of artistic perspectives to broaden the understanding of human non-terrestrial becoming. With the Supre:organism residency, we mark the 50th anniversary of the first Moon landing and 100th anniversary of Kazimir Malevich’s gaze into life emerging from the sentinel canvas, the cosmos:
"... all technical organisms are nothing but small satellites—the entire living world is ready to fly into space and take a special position. For each such satellite is fitted with reason and able to live its own life." – Kazimir Malevich, UNOVIS, Vitebsk, December 15, 1920

The Supre:organism residency calls for artists with an excellent track record of collaborative and innovative art practice with interest in using emerging AI technologies - not just creatively but also critically - to develop novel perspectives on understanding life in outer space.

Practical information
Please carefully read the Guidelines and regulations (pdf) before applying for this residency. The residency has a duration of 5 months, April-August 2019. The location will be ESTEC, Noordwijk and Waag, Amsterdam.

The deadline for applications is March 11th 2019.

Apply here online: https://waag.homerun.co/supreorganism-residency?token=fd857e05e0114992c21407583969a821

This residency is made possible within the European ARTificial Intelligence Lab, with support of the Creative Europe programme of the European Commission, Mondriaan Fund and CLICKNL, and is a collaboration between Waag (Amsterdam), International Lunar Exploration Working Group (ESA/ESTEC, Noordwijk), Vrije Universiteit (Amsterdam), Kunstfort bij Vijfhuizen (Vijfhuizen) and Cultural Centre of European Space Technologies (Ljubljana).

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