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Von:     Vera Frenkel <vfrenkel at sympatico.ca>

*A year ago,*  a special version of Body Missing, my multidisciplinary 
project on art theft in the Third Reich, was installed deep in the salt 
mine at Altaussee in the Austrian Alps. The public was invited for the 
first time to enter spaces where many thousands of stolen artworks were 
hidden by the Nazis during World War II.

*A year later,*  to mark my appreciation of all those who had helped to 
realize the Altaussee version of this video-photo-web work, access to 
the experience will be provided on-line, and the Body Missing Altaussee 
website will be launched at exactly the same time as the 2017 opening:
*September 8th,  6 PM Altaussee / 12 noon Toronto*

To those who have expressed concern: Despite disruptions and damages 
caused by a fierce Ontario storm, work on the anniversary project has 
continued.  There will no doubt be additional material to add in 
preparation for a more formal public launch later this Fall, but 
starting at 12 noon, Toronto time, 6 pm in Altaussee, it will now be 
possible to explore the /Springerwerk /salt mine installation at:

Your comments and questions are most welcome, and if you encounter any 
irregularities or errors in the web site, please write to us at: 
vf.bma.site at gmail.com <mailto:vf.bma.site at gmail.com>

With warm regards,
Vera Frenkel

P.S. Because Google doesn’t have the site yet, the best way to access it 
is from the above  link or by keying the address into the URL bar of 
your browser.



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