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Exhibition at EQ:                                                                                    
Tout ajuste tout parce que tout ajuste ce qui est
(everything adjusts everything because everything adjusts what is)
Paul Brown | Geoff and Eilidh Lucas
15 September – 13 October 2018
Tout ajuste tout parce que tout ajuste ce qui est (everything adjusts everything because everything adjusts what is) with works by Paul Brown and Geoff and Eilidh Lucas, will open at EQ on Saturday 15 September, 2018, from 2-4pm. Thereafter, to 13 October, it will be open by appointment only.
By framing the world as a self-organising system we question common notions of consciousness. The works in this exhibition can be judged to reflect on the nature of consciousness and more specifically, on how the making and interpreting of art relates to a common-place understanding of cognition.
Paul Brown, a pioneering computer artist specialising in art, science & technology since the late 1960’s, has, through his career, developed the concept of Art That Makes Itself. Brown has a significant international reputation in the field of computational and generative process, with a specific interest in Cellular Automata, or ‘CAs’; simple systems that can propagate themselves over time.
Geoff and Eilidh Lucas have collaborated on making artworks since 2008, when they jointly devised the HICA (Highland Institute for Contemporary Art) project, based near Loch Ness in the north of Scotland. Their works for gallery exhibitions have developed equivalent strategies for highlighting interactions, where ‘lived situations’ are presented as possible self-similar states to complex processes of nature, such as those of the sub-atomic.
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