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I am pleased to announce that an exhibition of my work will be on show at the Cultural Programs of the National Academy of Sciences - CPNAS - in Washington DC from February 20 to July 15, 2018.   Process, Chance and Serendipity: Art That Makes Itself is planned to coincide with the colloquium Creativity and Collaboration: Revising Cybernetic Serendipity which takes place March 11 - 14, 2018.   I was invited to exhibit by J.D. Talasek - the Director of CPNAS - who was seeking an artist who was influenced by Cybernetic Serendipity during their formative years and who is still practising in the field.  It was an honour for me to be selected for this prestigious opportunity.

The Exhibition:  http://www.cpnas.org/exhibitions/archive/process-chance-and.html <http://www.cpnas.org/exhibitions/archive/process-chance-and.html>
Press Release:  http://www.cpnas.org/press/announcements/paul_brown_news.pdf <http://www.cpnas.org/press/announcements/paul_brown_news.pdf>  — extract below:

"WASHINGTON – Cultural Programs of the National Academy of Sciences announces “Process, Chance and Serendipity: Art That Makes Itself,” an exhibition of prints by Paul Brown, a pioneering artist in the field of Generative and Computational Art. The exhibition coincides with the NAS’ March 2018 colloquium Creativity and Collaboration: Revisiting Cybernetic Serendipity. The exhibition opens Feb. 20, 2018, and will remain on view through July 15, 2018, at the National Academy of Sciences.
"Paul Brown discovered digital computers as a creative medium after seeing the Cybernetic Serendipity exhibition at the Institute of Contemporary Art in London in 1968. Early in his career he began developing processed-based methods for generating images and time-based artworks as an alternative to the then common approach to art-making as a form of self-expression."

Media Contact:  Alana Quinn, +1 202 334 2415;  aquinn at nas.edu <mailto:aquinn at nas.edu>

The Colloquium:  http://www.cvent.com/events/creativity-and-collaboration-revisiting-cybernetic-serendipity/event-summary-c03ea91ededc4035a3c89bc0f8f2ac39.aspx <http://www.cvent.com/events/creativity-and-collaboration-revisiting-cybernetic-serendipity/event-summary-c03ea91ededc4035a3c89bc0f8f2ac39.aspx>

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