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Aymeric Mansoux am-lists at bleu255.com
Fri Apr 28 20:13:33 CEST 2017

Hello Nancy,

Nancy Mauro-Flude said :
> Nice project - thank you for sharing.
> So it juxtaposes >? I got the same image. 

The images you attached (probably did not make it to the list) are
placeholders. They should eventually be replaced once new images are
posted on /leftypol/ and /pol/. It may take a while depending on the
time of the day, what's happening in the world, etc.

Here is a sped-up video of 12H of activity during the first round of the
French presidential election:


> If this is the point then reminds me of Hamlettmachine and Muller's
> disgust at his own status as a privileged person?
> 'My place, if my drama ever took place, would be at both sides of the
> front, between the fronts, over them.'

Ah, this is a good connection, the lines following this quote are also
relevant (on being both in the riot and behind bullet-proof glass). Yes,
there is certainly something to be said about the attempt to make a
bird's-eye view of populist meme visual culture, what it means to
provide such a setup, its ambivalence, the fascination and fear, and
then what it means as an audience to watch all this unfold. Thanks for
the feedback Nancy.


> > #memewars
> > https://things.bleu255.com/memewars/
> > Before the 2016 American presidential elections, the subculture now
> known as the "Alt-Right" waged an image meme propaganda war in support
> of Donald Trump and white nationalist politics. Most memes were created
> and published on the "/pol/" ("Politically Incorrect") boards of the
> anonymous forums 4chan and 8chan, and from there spread into more
> mainstream social media such as Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.
> Next to "/pol/", 8chan also hosts the board "/leftypol/", founded in
> 2014 as a leftist general alternative to the "/pol/" boards.
> > "/leftypol/" is also active in the production and distribution of
> "Leftist Politically Incorrect" image memes, from Porky to
> Žižek/Zizkek.
> > #memewars is a website that automatically downloads and juxtaposes the
> last two images posted on 8chan's "/leftypol/" and "/pol/" respectively.
> a.
> > --
> > https://bleu255.com/~aymeric
> http://sister0.tv


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