[spectre] #memewars

Aymeric Mansoux am-lists at bleu255.com
Fri Apr 21 01:35:54 CEST 2017



Before the 2016 American presidential elections, the subculture now
known as the "Alt-Right" waged an image meme propaganda war in support
of Donald Trump and white nationalist politics. Most memes were created
and published on the "/pol/" ("Politically Incorrect") boards of the
anonymous forums 4chan and 8chan, and from there spread into more
mainstream social media such as Reddit, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.
Next to "/pol/", 8chan also hosts the board "/leftypol/", founded in
2014 as a leftist general alternative to the "/pol/" boards.
"/leftypol/" is also active in the production and distribution of
"Leftist Politically Incorrect" image memes, from Porky to Žižek/Zizkek.

#memewars is a website that automatically downloads and juxtaposes the
last two images posted on 8chan's "/leftypol/" and "/pol/" respectively.


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