[spectre] Open Call: Unauthorized SFMOMA Solo Show

Unauthorized SFMOMA Show unauthorized at sfmoma.show
Sun Apr 9 06:51:09 CEST 2017

What we do:

Unauthorized SFMOMA Show is a series of solo exhibitions that will
take place within the public spaces of SFMOMA from April 6-July 2 on a
rotating basis. Similar to SFMOMA’s mission statement, Unauthorized
SFMOMA Show is dedicated to making the art for our time a vital and
meaningful part of public life. In order to carry this out, we have
created a space where to exhibit and share the artwork that you want
to see exhibited and shared.

What we are looking for:

Unauthorized SFMOMA Show is looking for any kind of work, regardless
of media, theme or dimensions, to inhabit the public spaces of SFMOMA.
All works will be accepted at the moment of their submission. The
submitted work will automatically constitute a solo exhibition
accessible through the website https://u5080713.ct.sendgrid.net/wf/click?upn=7B4LMH6-2FGugIp4OCbE7cAg-2FlfBrMNCxtHF-2Bp3T4Eye4-3D_jZscNXOsJlGQB5idRm2yXhXkarG7xHrGL1YFlPBgOPMrW46HhlDTPUoacWHmuFFj95AnfRXXMsrR1H-2FEc1gklj9UnZFNXpAyeKHk7EvhjSXI3iQNIX8Hzt9kWsMxlQoUK-2F7NO2Vu6K10SxGsmf53I-2FJc6-2F40u3igC38t3X1mK2d3qa1-2BhPHWUSwDHwm98L2HC-2FCCQXZFABc8TtIJHKSdvwmiNGInhH1aAMqHgxTsV0w-3D The only
requirement to both submit the work and see the solo show is to be
physically present at SFMOMA.

How to submit the work:

1. Go to any of SFMOMA’s public spaces — no ticket required (151 Third
Street, San Francisco, CA 94103).
2. Using your phone or computer, connect to the Internet (SFMOMA
offers four hours of free Wifi daily)
3. Visit the website https://u5080713.ct.sendgrid.net/wf/click?upn=7B4LMH6-2FGugIp4OCbE7cAq1c4rHhmZp-2FdWfmSZIKHFs-3D_jZscNXOsJlGQB5idRm2yXhXkarG7xHrGL1YFlPBgOPMrW46HhlDTPUoacWHmuFFjWc0ZCY-2FhKLWndJxYwzUXoUaoXjzxr3kTsdRfZglYXsuKFUHfL671WDR-2B0RCfX607iB6Y9QYV2liV5lMcNDU4ZbyA-2BiAkp8d-2BSstGfng1yXYoRyhnQP8iuO3KCq748gyDw4GfKefki1jtk6UUBuEf8x1oPSG5pHU3bqkUgpP2yBg-3D
5. Fill in the form, upload your work, and press submit

There are NO application or exhibition fees. Your work will
automatically be shown until another work is submitted. Once the
season is over a catalogue of the solo shows, including all
submissions sent, will be printed.

Unauthorized SFMOMA Show is looking forward to your submission(s) and
presence! — Come with an open mind. Leave with a solo show

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us

Deadline: Works will be accepted on a rolling basis from April 6-July 2, 2017
Contact: unauthorized at sfmoma.show
Twitter: https://u5080713.ct.sendgrid.net/wf/click?upn=7B4LMH6-2FGugIp4OCbE7cAj0Jo-2BqykCHvcVVJkokPkyw-2FHn2aFpOCxt6kIpRJ3Ws6_jZscNXOsJlGQB5idRm2yXhXkarG7xHrGL1YFlPBgOPMrW46HhlDTPUoacWHmuFFj1BJXob43XR2n2QqFT3TC-2Bk2nBAnNkmQElpkburXllTaTAW0TjS-2BG4QZ-2Bx-2B2wn8dfwGOuSrKkm-2B1Lfo68jX2dGpT9ZeGzDJ-2FXQNFFBGvg4zi3wy-2Fp3HslE3SM4QNORBCO7Tn81tSUMAtoq2eyy-2BR-2BR-2FXfRb9W1mbygi1UtU-2B9o1Y-3D
Website: https://u5080713.ct.sendgrid.net/wf/click?upn=7B4LMH6-2FGugIp4OCbE7cAq1c4rHhmZp-2FdWfmSZIKHFs-3D_jZscNXOsJlGQB5idRm2yXhXkarG7xHrGL1YFlPBgOPMrW46HhlDTPUoacWHmuFFj720BB3Os8Zhka6bga2o2p1UtEd3QWQpnsPWmgx8-2BC4hgGQvJHa-2FjXS6Ef480oZxa-2BSND0pSlLlrxThzaUb4R7hD-2FMbGVp3RxRbpk7TkdLPcmM0pSvHFFpvrJRDAjkebgV7Oi3AVt-2FN7YB0cIRdaFNrhBjZ5ACkbNLmNpE5vn9OY-3D
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