[spectre] A search from road 040, an interval between Brasilia and Rio?

x misnom at spell.blue
Tue Apr 11 08:57:58 CEST 2017


Hope this finds you all well!

From Tuesday 11.04.17, a search from road 040, a linking interval between Rio and Brasilia begins. 
The search will come from road 040 that links the 2 cities. 

In this instance, using skateboarding as a negotiative linking tool of movement up and down the
road, the search will operate for at least another 4 weeks, till the 7th of May. (Ish..)

People are invited to join the search from home as well as on the road. 
From home, one can "sponsor" a section of the road and place stuff from them along it. No money is
required (welcome but not as a barrier) and further details are on:

Will be moving through questions such as
Any idea How art evolves while in the 040 interval?

The general idea, from 

040 is a search from being on the road 040, between rio and brasilia, as a way to get the language
of the interval between the unplanned and planned. What kind of an animal is it?

Brasilia is a planned city, Rio is unplanned. Each is a living environment that is a consequence
from the approaches to their urban development. Might each approach produce its own tragedy? What
is the dramatic link in between?

040 is the road that links Rio and Brasilia, between the planned and unplanned imaginations. 
Let's find out about that link, how does it operate, live and evolve? What kind of a language does
have? How does it imagine? How does it wonder?

For about a month, I will live on 040 and interact daily with it, skateboarding up and down it.
Through attempts to learn 040's own character as a "linking interval" between Brasilia and Rio, I
will try to develop a language from and of that imagination. To do that, I will use the language
tools outlined at http://ifxyz.xyz/ifxyz-explain.html and

People are welcome to join this search both on and off line. Join to question, critique and diss
the search, language, process, etc. You can support this search project by adding negotiative and
frictive elements. For example, you can give me things to place / plant along the road.

Periodical updates, contact, etc?


Cheers and have much fun! 

From a land when it's sky feels like an ocean!


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