[spectre] CFP: Highways of the South: Latin American Art Networks (Paris)

John Hopkins jhopkins at tech-no-mad.net
Sun Feb 23 19:08:43 CET 2014

¡Hola Brian!

> Josephine Bosma called my attention for this message, thanks Jo! :-))

yes, thanks, Jo!

> You are right indeed, i am from Uruguay (my name is Brian Mackern, and
> my field of work and art practice comes more from the netart scene,
> did a research about netartists from latinoamerica at the change of
> this century http://netart.org.uy/latino , a book about this site was
> published in 2010 by MEIAC museum).

Nice resource! I always admire fellow archivists who document the ephemeral! ;-) 
It is things like this that ensure a bit more balanced histories are preserved 
(more balanced than the typical academic line)... Of course, some vital threads 
of netart had their genesis in the mailart impulse, to be sure: Networkers all!

> As uruguayan i may suggest that Clemente Padin is for sure the
> referent you need for the reconstruction of the latinamerican mail art
> scene.

Right, yes, I've known Clemente for a couple decades on the network (longer 
even??). Sometimes it's hard to reconstruct 'first meetings' within the "Eternal 

Cheers, & thanks again!


Dr. John Hopkins, BSc, MFA, PhD
photographer, media artist, archivist

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