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dear Spectre

please see below a short-notice call for RIXC 
Innovation lab workshops, which we are hosting at 
the Cafe Europa container, in Riga Spikeri 
Quartier, from August 15 to September 28,

we are announcing additional call for artists, 
designers and other interested people for 2 most 
exciting art+science lab events:

SEPTEMBER 2-6: Urban Ecosystems (sep 2-5, by 
Annamie Maes/ Okno), and Fog (sep 6, by Edwin van 
der Heide and Latvian scientists)
deadline - Thu, August 28


SEPTEMBER 23-28: Seeing and Believing, on Visual 
Perception and Interactive Systems (by Hanna 
deadline - Tue, September 8

Participation is free of charge
Plus: We can cover travel costs for 2-3 
participants from Baltic and Nordic countries, 
and 2-3 participants from other European countries

welcome to apply!



Europa - RIXC Innovation Lab workshops

From August 15th till September 28th, 2014, Café 
Europa Riga holds event series at the container 
module which has come to Riga 2014 - the European 
Capital of Culture all the way of more than 2000 
km from Belgium city Mons, which next year will 
be the Capital. Café Europa is a 
multi-functional, architecturally flexible, 
mobile space, that can be adapted to the needs of 
the local context while maintaining connection to 
other places in Europa with similar nature at the 
same time.

RIXC Centre for New Media Culture has turned Café 
Europa containers into Riga Innovation Lab by 
offering 6 weeks long extensive and manifold 
programme of exhibitions and workshops focused on 
art and science, and 3D printing. The RIXC 
Innovation Lab programme together with artists 
and scientists from Latvia, Belgium and 
Baltic-Nordic countries particularly will host 
workshops exploring the themes such as urban 
ecosystems, fog and the future of water, 3D 
printing of sound (and other intangible and 
intuitive properties), food as energy in 
overpopulated future world, as well as visual 
perception and sensor/responsive technologies.

in two of the most exciting RIXC Innovation Lab 

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- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Lab No 1: September 2-7
Urban Ecosystems by Annemie MAES and Fog workshop by Edwin van der Heide

September 2-5 (Part 1)
Exhibition and workshop by Annemie MAES (BE).

The 4-day will continue to explore the complex 
world of honeybees, which artist and workshop 
leader Annemie Maes has extensively investigated 
for some years. The 4-days workshop will be 
started with an introduction on Urban OpenGreens 
project and the role of the honeybees within this 
ecosystem. Following, the participants will study 
the bees' behaviour and architecture based upon 
insights from biology, art, design and materials 
science. The participants will explore specific 
structural patterns present in physical and 
biological environments (city/nature walk), from 
macrostructures to biological microsystems. 
Starting from the collection of gathered organic 
materials, the participants will develop novel, 
bio-inspired designs for bee houses. Participants 
are expected to collaborate in the discussions, 
with drawings and by creating objects.
BIO: ANNEMIE MAES has studied a masters in fine 
arts, a masters of cultural studies and a 
specialisation in anthropological documentary 
film. By founding the organizations Looking Glass 
and OKNO she has played a major role in 
organising the multi-media art scene in Brussels, 
bringing together artists and art spaces from 
different European countries to engage in 
workshops and open research labs. The current 
line of her artistic work focuses on ecological 
issues, as in the ongoing Open-Greens project: 

Saturday, September 6 (Part 2)
WHITE NIGHT 2014: Fog - art and science workshops and performance
1-day art and science workshop (that will follow 
Urban Ecosystems lab) will be conducted by artist 
Edwin van der Heide and scientists from the 
Institute of Solid State Physics of Latvian 
University (the partners of RIXC), who will 
experiment and show different ways how the fog is 
generated (in natural and artificial 
The workshop will be followed by the FOG - 
environmental sound and light performance by 
Edwin van der Heide that will take place in 
Spikeri quartier, in the framework of WHITE NIGHT 
- annual forum for contemporary culture.

BIO: EDWIN VAN DER HEIDE is an artist and 
researcher in the field of sound, space and 
interaction. He extends the terms composition and 
musical language into spatial, interactive and 
interdisciplinary directions. His work comprises 
installations, performances and environments. The 
audience is placed in the middle of the work and 
challenged to actively explore, interact and 
relate themselves to the artwork.

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Lab No 2: September 23-28

September 23-28
Exhibition and workshop on visual perception 
psychology, real-time mapping and "shadow" 
projections by Hanna HAASLAHTI (FI).

The workshop will start with a presentation of 
Hanna's research and her art work - Habitus , 
with notes about the body painting tradition of 
the Hain people and introduction of the Gestalt 
laws of perception. She will continue with a 
lecture and workshop on "Seeing and Believing, 
Life as an Image". Cameras connected to computers 
yield many applications, which has become 
necessary feature of contemporary life. In this 
lecture the participants will be looking at how 
the computer vision techniques have transformed 
from the malevolent all-seeing eyes of big 
brother to ubiquituos vision systems that feed 
our pleasure of being constantly watched. The 
participats will also take a look at the Gestalt 
laws of perception and how it can map the 
invisible space of connections between individual 
things. In the practical part, the participants 
will explore the kinect 3D sensor and will go 
through the principles of realtime mapping.

BIO: HANNA HAASLAHTI is a media and installation 
artist working and living in Helsinki. She 
explores structures and methods which connect 
individuals to communities. In her work, the 
balance between individual freedom and communal 
rules takes shape as interactive installations or 
photographic experiments. The basic elements of 
her minimalistic installations are light, shadow 
and interaction. She researches computer vision 
technology, generative and volumetric graphics in 
the development process of interactive spaces. 
She has graduated from Medialab, University of 
Art and Design Helsinki.

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Please apply for workshops by sending short 
motivation letter and your short biography to 
email: rixc at rixc.lv

The Deadline for the Lab No 1 - August 28 (Urban Ecosystems + Fog),
and the deadline for the Lab No 2 - (on Visual Perception) - September 9, 2014.

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Participation is free
Plus: We can cover travel costs and accomodation 
for 2-3 participants from Baltic and Nordic 
countries, and 2-3 participants from other 
European countries

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The Exhibitions at Cafe Europa Riga Innovation 
Lab are open: Tue-Sun 12.00-18.00, Mon - closed.

Café Europa Riga is the project organized by RIXC 
Center for New Media Culture in collaboration 
with Riga 2014 and Mons 2015 - European Cultural 

Follow information about the Cafe Europa Riga 
prject and RIXC Innnovation Lab events on Riga 
2014 portal: http://riga2014.org/riga_mons
and RIXC Facebook page: http://facebook.com/rixcriga

Support: Foundation Riga 2014,  Riga City 
Council, Ministry of Culture of the Republic of 
Latvia, EU programme Culture, the State Culture 
Capital Foundation, Embassy of the Kingdom of 
Belgium in Riga, Wallonia-Brussels Delegation in 
Warsaw, Wallonia-Brussels International, ABLV 
Charitable Foundation, Nordic Culture Point, Soft 
Control, Renewable Network, Laboratory of 
Hydrogen Energy Materials of the Institute of 
Solid State Physics of University of Latvia, Art 
Research Lab of Liepaja University.
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