[spectre] continues the saga of bistrot

honor honor@va.com.au
Fri, 31 Aug 2001 12:01:38 +0100

collected spectres,

it seems we've hit the time vortex re. the meeting at the brucknerhaus at 
ars on tuesday september 4.  if we shift it one way, some people can't make 
it, and if we shift it another way others can't make it.

so, at the risk of the idea of meeting dissolving into ghostly plasma, i 
propose, we start to have lunch as planned at *1230* at the brucknerhaus.
we can meet in the 'upstairs' cafe (not the the stande pede which is on the 
ground floor).
those who can come at 1230 should come along.  some people might like to 
stay on at the cafe for a bit longer to greet rafael, and some of the 
others who can not make 1230.

judging from the back+forth banter, its looks like we will have some 
combination of the following joining us for 1230:

Sally Jane

+ hopefully:

+ others might pop in later.

i'm off tomorrow morning, so i'll see you on tuesday.
don't forget to stop in at the takeover campus zone in the haupplatz 
<http://www.fro.at/connect_systems/location.html> while you're at ars.


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