[spectre] there is a spectre haunting ars

honor honor@va.com.au
Thu, 30 Aug 2001 18:04:04 +0100

hi ppl.

following on from andreas' email,  i have been keeping a tally of people 
who will join us for the informal lunchtime gathering of spectres at ars 
next week.  the people who have suggested they will be around on tuesday 4 
september at lunchtime are:
Annick Bureaud
Lorenzo Taiuti
Rafael Lozano-Hemmer
Walter van der Cruijsen
Sally Jane Norman

+ hopefully:
Nina Czegledy

is there anyone else?
i would suggest we meet at 1230, which will give rafael a chance to breathe 
after his presentation in the morning.

does this suit everyone?
does everyone know where the brucknerhaus bistro / cafe is?