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Brunhild Bushoff sagasnet at sagasnet.de
Fre Feb 9 13:23:37 CET 2007

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..Deadline for interactive narrative projects in development: Feb 10 .......
_Developing Interactive Narrative Content Seminar___________________________
___________________________________Stuttgart, Germany April 29 - May 5 2007_

In 2007 the Developing Interactive Narrative Content Seminar will take
place, again, in Stuttgart, Germany  - parallel to and in cooperation
with the fmx/07.
During the Developing Interactive Narrative Content Seminar up to 10
pre-selected interactive narrative projects in development (no limitation on
media, genre or target audience) will be provided in parallel with up to ten
high-profile face-to-face consulting sessions (on financing, project
management, marketing, story structure, interaction design...).
Consultants will be chosen according to the needs of the selected projects.

sagasnet 2007 selection board:
Greg Childs (Childseye, UK), Raimo Lang (YLE, FIN), Anthony Lilley (Magic
Lantern Productions, UK), Peter Olaf Looms (DR interactive, DK), Mark Ollila
(Nokia, S/AUS), Lee Sheldon (Anti-Linear Logic, USA), Brunhild Bushoff
(sagasnet, D)

Application deadline for the seminar plus consulting sessions is February 10
2007 (apply with a 3-6 page description of your interactive narrative
project in development).

Companies attending with a selected project in 2007 will qualify for  New
Talent development funding.
_________________________________details & enrolment_______ www.sagasnet.de_

... MEDIA 2007....Development...............................................

The MEDIA 2007 Development Call for Proposals is online available at:

Project-development funding (available for feature films, documentaries,
animation and multi media) under the MEDIA programme is designed to meet the
needs of two types of production company:

* medium-sized companies with previous international experience and
sufficient financial capacity to take on several projects at the same time.
Such companies can apply for slate funding (i.e. for a package of
* smaller companies, with limited financial capacity, seeking to develop a
single project. These companies can apply for two types of funding:
1. individual projects.
2. new talent - for projects for which the company participated in a
training activity funded by MEDIA  in the three years before the call for


12 February 2007 for /_New Talent (for projects for which the company
participated in a training activity -like sagas or sagasnet - funded by


16 April 2007 for /_Single Project and /_Slate funding.
______________________ http://ec.europa.eu/comm/avpolicy/media/devel_en.html

Best regards, 

Brunhild Bushoff

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