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I like to share this info on a discussion happening tonight with the 
MARIA HLAVAJOVA as part of a series titled INQUIRIES INTO THE FUTURE and 
current technological, social and political developments in CCE ...

What Future(s)?


18:00 h (MET)


Meeting-ID: 832 2869 4379
Kenncode: d^$w8A

With the brutal military invasion of Ukraine, the world changed 
overnight – this war cuts across all current and future issues for CEE 
that we wanted to address. Shocked and at the same time puzzled, we ask 
ourselves not only from our role as cultural creators or from art 
institutions: “What now? How can we imagine any kind of future? How can 
we talk about the future now? An online impulse lecture dealing with 
these questions forms the kick-off of the program series “Inquiries into 
the Future.”
Since ideas and projections of the future are all too often based on the 
same institutions and areas that caused the crises in the first place, 
artists, researchers, theorists, and activists will have their say in 
the series. who might be able to find a language to express the 
incomprehensible present, to comfort, to vent their own feelings and 
fears, and to imagine how to proceed from here and where to? What might 
possible/alternative futures look like after this war has influenced 
social, economic and ecological relationships and made it clear how 
intertwined they are?

MARIA HLAVAJOVA is a curator, organizer, and educator and founding 
general and artistic director of BAK, basis voor actuele kunst in 
Utrecht. She was research and artistic director of FORMER WEST 
(2008–16), which she initiated and developed as an internationally 
collaborative research, education, publication, and exhibition project. 
Hlavajová has instigated and organized numerous projects at BAK and 
beyond, including the series Propositions for Non-Fascist Living, Future 
Vocabularies, and New World Academy (with artist Jonas Staal, 2013–2016) 
among many other international research projects. Hlavajová is also 
co-founder of the tranzit network, a foundation that supports exchange 
and contemporary art practices in Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, and 
Slovakia. Hlavajová organized the Roma Pavilion Call the Witness (2011) 
in the context of the 54th Venice Biennale and curated the Dutch 
Pavilion titled Citizens and Subjects at the 52nd Venice Biennale (2007).

Inga Seidlerlives and works as a curator and cultural producer in Berlin.

András Cséfalvayis a visual artist, digital story-teller, young academic 
from Bratislava, who currently teaches at the Academy of Fine Arts in 

This event is part of the program series INQUIRIES INTO THE FUTURE 
curated by Inga Seidler and András Cséfalvay.
Find more informations here:[Inquiries Into The Future - Goethe-Institut 

Thanks and best,

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