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Dear all, (apologies for cross-posting)

I would like to share my last project, which consisted in the production of
the virtual tour for the Santa Monica Art Centre, Barcelona.
The tour is permanently available online and was made for the reopening
exhibition of the centre.

“The virtual tour that Santamaría designed for the Santa Mònica is a clear
example of what can happen when we explore our tools beyond the production
limits attributed to them. This proposal for an architectural voyage not
only confronts us with the vulnerability of built space but also with the
forms of habitation used by its non-human residents and the memories
trapped in the walls, materialised as lost objects. Commenting on the
numerous virtual tours produced in recent years, and perhaps with a
critical emphasis on those created during 2020, the artist takes as his
starting point the notion of the expanded trial, that is, that which does
not translate literally into the existing space but which seeks, through
his tools of creation, a perspective that goes beyond what we can perceive
in situ.” Excerpt from the text written by Doreen A. Ríos.

Project site: https://artssantamonica.gencat.cat/en/detall/VISITA-VIRTUAL

Download images Virtual Tour here: https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjzvGAn
Download images exhibition here: https://flic.kr/s/aHsmX57Ufd

Best wishes,

Mario Santamaría
Tourist Guide
https://internetour.com <https://t.co/VRcqZjU2D6>
Studio: Trama 34. L'Hospitalet, Barcelona
e: info at mariosantamaria.net  tw: @m_msanta
m: +0034 651 109 724
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