[spectre] Call For Contributions – PRTSCN: THE LAZY ART OF SCREENSHOT

Geert Lovink geert at xs4all.nl
Thu Jan 20 17:53:10 CET 2022

The Institute of Network Cultures (INC) invites all designers, artists, writers and web-surfers (if there are any left) to submit their visual and written works created via or inspired by screenshots!

In the upcoming hybrid publication PrtScn: The Lazy Art of Screenshot, INC wants to collaboratively explore the omni-present, yet somehow often overlooked screenshot as a contemporary digital image and practice <https://networkcultures.org/longform/2022/01/19/no-shot-like-screenshot-banal-sublime-and-dangerous/> that fuses the human and machinic boundaries of authorship and vision.

As screenshots multiply in our digital depositories, whether to serve as a reminder, memory, pretty artefact or future blackmail material, they seem to be neglected due to mundanity of our encounters with screens and technological easiness with which a screenshot is captured. As we move through our digital surroundings with very low-effort action of scrolling, we occasionally stop by and freeze the moment with even more low effort of screenshotting. We share them, we read our poetic worldview into them, we gasp in disbelief just before we take them, we forget them. The project PrtScn aims to capture (pun intended) the ways in which we contemplate and get creative with them.

With this publication, we invite perspectives on screenshots as layered, sublime, uncanny, poetic, touching, stylized, authored (right in the middle), untouched, retouched, touchable, untouchable, ready for sharing, secret, beautiful, ugly, glitched, messy, clean, clear, confusing, accidental, just perfect.

PrtScn: The Lazy Art of Screenshot will be edited by Dunja Nešović and Geert Lovink.

Contributions can take a visual or written form (1500 words max.). The deadline for submissions is 4 February 2022. Send your contributions to info at networkcultures.org <mailto:info at networkcultures.org>. For questions contact dunja at networkcultures.org <mailto:dunja at networkcultures.org>.

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