[spectre] [CFP] Ozone Fast Forward: Decolonizing Europe Matters

Xavier Coadic xcoadic at protonmail.com
Tue Dec 13 16:39:01 CET 2022

Hi all and dears,

third time since 2020, lock-down in the middle and codiv-19, undocumented people and hackers / hacktivists make a festival together.

And I'm pleased to invite you.
CFP is here:
(english and french version)

Notes taken on the spot the moment of the O2 year are herehttps://pad.public.cat/offdem-o2-radical-citizen-media#English-Version

Nothing miraculous, nothing fancy. A humble invitation to see and discuss, and if you feel like proposing an activity that's also okay. And idlers and stragglers are welcome because our sociability first!

Don't be stuck in the small software and internet protocol corner of the CFP, I'm doing a cardboard centrifuge workshop and reverse engineering of human fluid, knitting, we're also doing R&D of print on t-shirt, DJing, live-coding, feminist boiler room, LGBTQIA+ topic and activities, cooking together, GLassRoom (By Tactical Tech) on site. Also, radio amateur, any DIy stuff, Decolonizing Europe, Undocumented people…

Well, in short : cheers & welcome <3



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