[spectre] Click Tracker Library is 60

João Pais CT jmmmp at posteo.de
Fri Oct 29 12:08:17 CEST 2021

Dear Spectre,

Today the Click Tracker Library reaches 60 works, with Feldman's 2nd 
String Quartet (yes, that one). Together it comprises almost 16h of 
clicks, which could be turned into music by any interested musicians.

If there are any works you might need or want to add to this collection, 
let me know.

All the details are in http://jmmmp.github.io/clicktracker/index-library

With best regards,

João Pais

Click Tracker Mobile -https://bit.ly/click-tracker-mob
Click Tracker -http://j.mp/click-tracker
Facebook -http://j.mp/clicktrackerfb

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