[spectre] abolitionist music from the south of spain

antonio garcía contacto.antoniogarciaruiz at gmail.com
Mon Oct 4 15:35:53 CEST 2021

dear folks,

i'm antonio garcía/graz, cyborg multidisciplinary musician (composer, sound
artist, pianist) from the south of spain based on the internet (now in

the reason for this message is the previous sample of one of the parts of a
project that i have been working on in recent years.

in this case: a short 15-minute EP in which i combine queer, xeno-feminist
cyborg theories (Donna Haraway, Helen Master, Paul B. Preciado) through a
sound search that ranges from contemporary classical music, electronic
music, ambient, PC-Music, hyper-pop and virtual music (some names could be
Lyra Pramuk, Arca, Holly Herndon, KMRU, Space Afrika, ADR...).

right now, i'm looking for a record label (for now, Yann Novak seems
interested in releasing it) and artists to collaborate with that involve
the use of technology, visuals, digital art in general, or writing.

if the soundscape suggests something to you, do not hesitate to contact me
for anything.

in the link that I show below you can find more details of the EP
(finalized after my first experience with magic mushrooms a few months ago).

Here's the music and some extra links where you can find me/contact me:



(i): instagram.com/antoniograz_
(t): twitter.com/antoniograz_
(e): contacto.antoniogarciaruiz at gmail.com

I hope you find out interesting, or at least, I hope you enjoy it. Have a
beautiful week you all.

All my best,

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