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New podcast with sound artist Ji Youn Kang


Ji Youn Kang’s abstract compositions are infused with her personal blend of
Western experimental sound and Korean ritual music. This hybrid background
also seeps into her live performances, where she explores the primitive and
empowering rhythmic structures of Korean shamanism –often building up from
slow to fast– and noisy sound through an amalgam of handmade analogue
devices, acoustic instruments, and digital signal processing techniques. In
this podcast, Ji talks about Korean ritual music, perfect 5ths and nature,
resonating objects, noise, self-built instruments, uncertainty and tension,
Wave Field Synthesis, and strategies to engage online audiences in
meaningful communication.


00:00 Creation comes from work

03:21 Intro

08:39 Korean shamanism and perfection

17:31 Finding the identity of sounds

26:39 Sympathetic resonances

37:26 Noise and pureness

43:22 Uncertainty and live performance

48:46 Wave Field Synthesis System

54:39 Composing for WFSS

59:13 Spatializing space online

1:04:57 Streaming art

Music by Ji Youn Kang. Co-produced by Lighthouse (Brighton)
<https://www.lighthouse.org.uk/>. This podcast is part of Re-Imagine
Europe, co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.

E/N/J/O/Y !!! <https://rwm.macba.cat/en/sonia/sonia-320-ji-youn-kang>
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