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MoneyLab #8
Minting a Fair Society



Critical thinkers, artists, researchers, activists, and geeks 

in search of other economies and financial discourses for a fair society.

STREAM #4 / Monday, 1 June 2020 at 5 pm CET

Care: Solidarity is Disobedience

With Pirate Care / Tomislav Medak, Cassie Thornton, Maddalena Fragnito

Moderated by Davor Mišković


Neoliberal policies have re-organised the basic care provisions previously
considered cornerstones of democratic life - healthcare, housing, access to
knowledge, right to asylum, freedom of mobility, social benefits, etc. -
turning them into tools for surveilling, excluding and punishing the most
vulnerable, reframing the family unit as the sole bearer of responsibility
for dependents. In the light of these processes, a growing wave of
initiatives has been questioning the political and economic framework of
care and experimenting with its collective reorganisation. On this panel,
Tomislav Medak will present the research project Pirate Care
<https://pirate.care/>  that is gathering diverse self-organised care
practices currently opposing the criminalisation of solidarity and
prefiguring models for commoning care infrastructures. Cassie Thornton, of
the Feminist Economics Department <http://feministeconomicsdepartment.com/>
(the FED), will discuss The Hologram
<http://feministeconomicsdepartment.com/hologram/> , a three-person health
monitoring and diagnostic system practised from couches all over the world,
on the phone and by many names, to produce a three-dimensional image of each
participant's physical, psychic and social health, based on one of the free,
experimental care models developed by health workers at Social Solidarity
Clinics in Greece during the height of the financial and refugee crisis.
Maddalena Fragnito will present the experience of Soprasotto
<http://soprasottomilano.it/> , a parent-managed kindergarten based in Milan
since 2013. She will discuss the concept of "commoning care" by comparing
its specificities to the market-oriented "techno-solutionist" hope on
digital technologies in order to help society address the reorganisation of
care needs.




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