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Children of Cyberspace - Virtual Art experience

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Have you visited 
Children of Cyberspace ?

In-Dialog collective have joined forces with other artists to open a virtual space dedicated to the esthetics of digital culture. The project is called  : Children of Cyberspace and a prototype exhibition has been operational for the past month. Children of Cyberspace is an artwork on its own, a communal space of exploration, as well as a tool for artistic expression and social interaction.

Designed as a blank canvas we wish to see how the serendipity of the web can fill up a void, shaping this community space that will slowly grow and establish its own aesthetic values. We envision this space becoming progressively an infinite universe of 3D artwork scattered and cluster together, forming galaxies and solar systems.

Visit the first exhibition here :

[A Gallery in the Clouds] (http://stats.in-dialog.com/c6.php?ec=2&l=foJ4vYGseHBq&i=ZGRolGCZYm9m&t=ZA&e=pqSbx6TVlnegmdCkn86bqtaZ01+XyA&u=m6iq1GqSYKChXcmbkc6hnpCX1J5ippud0MinnKWjyaWslpvWo9OSmphf&v=8)

Send us a message if you wish to participate to 
the next exhibition or to collaborate with us.

[Contact us] (mailto:Contact at in-dialog.com?subject=Children%20of%20Cyberspace)

As the outbreak of Covid-19 has temporarily shut down cultural spaces and events around the world, we decided to create a tool to help the artistic community overcome this period. We wanted to create together with other people, a platform where we can celebrate digital creations in their native formats. 

Project Journal


●  Launch of the project. Test version of the platform through a collective exhbition, gathering a group of 15 artists, developpers, the digital art festival Amural and the Château Ephémère.
●  Presentation of Children of Cyberspace during the virtual event of Laval Virtual : [watch the presentation here] (http://stats.in-dialog.com/c6.php?ec=2&l=foJ4vYGseHBq&i=ZGRolGCZYm9m&t=ZA&e=pqSbx6TVlnegmdCkn86bqtaZ01+XyA&u=m6iq1KOdYGaqp9xgqdGnq9eWyl+W0qBj28Wpmp9z2Z98jY/LoNmlqJmZtg&v=8), from 1:10:00. 


● Improvement of the user experience and implementation of a self-upload function so artists can add their piece to this universe. 
This technical challenge helped us defining the politics of the space, considering questions of data privacy, responsibility, authorship and accessibility. We've been working around the clock to allow artists to pull 3D data from the clouds and have been knocking our heads to set "parking rules" for the artworks.


● Launch of the 2nd exhibition on the 6th of June. 
● Virtual Castel sound exhibition, with the resident artists of the Château Ephémère, that will be released on the 17th of June.

Images from the first exhibiton

by Thomas Voillaume

Cyblack Tower, 
by Amural Crew

by Arash Akbari

Human Rings,
by Solimán López

by Breillas

Artificial Forestry,
by Eleonore Audi

The (Holly) HandSanitizer (Sacred), 
by Caterina Miralles 

Our Boundaries, 
by Lebensraum 

Random Perceptions, 
by Elhem Younes

LSPA v.2, Large Sub-Pixel Array, 
by Patrick Morris

You can support this project by joining our [Patreon page] (http://stats.in-dialog.com/c6.php?ec=2&l=foJ4vYGseHBq&i=ZGRolGCZYm9m&t=ZA&e=pqSbx6TVlnegmdCkn86bqtaZ01+XyA&u=m6iq1KOdYGaqp9xgoMOmqcej01+W0qBjx8yeo5umyNCimpndksijqqORyJc&v=8) : you’ll be able to access to live guided tours with artists, Patreon exclusive content and receive updates on the project’s evolution. The donations received will be shared among the artist community and help run the platform. 

Thank you for your time and looking forward to meet you in Cyberspace.

Virtually yours,
In-Dialog team

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