[spectre] New podcast: Conversation with Argetinian songrwriter and drummer Tatiana Heuman

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*New podcast: Conversation with Argetinian songrwriter and drummer Tatiana
Heuman (available in Spanish)*

Link: https://rwm.macba.cat/en/sonia/sonia-310-tatiana-heuman

To the Argentinian trumpeter, percussionist, songwriter, and producer Tatiana
Heuman, <https://rwm.macba.cat/en/sonia/sonia-310-tatiana-heuman> the world
is a dance floor and and sound comes into being through close bodily combat
involving intuition, movement, and hurdles. Thus, a paradox arises in the
recording process, when spontaneity and corporality are reduced to mere
beats on a timeline.

In spite of that, Tatiana’s Ricarda Cometa free improvisation experiments
and Astrosuka collaborations took on a new dimension when she began working
with digital recording technologies and a home studio. During this journey
(and another, literal and emotional journey from one continent to another),
Tatiana completed her debut, “Qeei”. An LP, after two tentative solo EPs,
made up of microsamples, repetitions, and stuttering, in which pop and
dance music are happily taken apart, turned back to front, and put together

In this podcast, Tatiana Heuman talks about the intersections between dance
and percussion, about music that runs through the body, sounds that move,
deconstructed folklore and babbling, formal and informal teaching, addition
and subtraction, names that don’t mean anything, and the experiences of
women who play and lug around drum kits.

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