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Gregoire Rousseau gregoire at tuulanauhat.com
Fri Apr 24 10:02:26 CEST 2020

The third audio broadcast of Station of Commons will happen this Friday evening at 19:00.
Located in N10 space Helsinki, the program features Finnish and French artists located and performing in their studio. 
The live act stream begins at 19:00/GMT to end after midnight. After that the audio stream keeps alive and broadcast recordings from previous sessions as well as various sound works donated to the Station. Moreover, Station of Commons developed new on-line platform and will then release their first Situated Tutorial.

 **Data on the margins**  
An investigation on the path followed by the sound as a form of data, from its original producer reaching for an on-line audience.

What is at stake in this first Situated Tutorial relates to the practical understanding of Internet communications. The practical approach operates as the point of departure for an inquiry on the contemporary infrastructure of communication, and what are the forces at work to operate this space. If a new production of space implies a social production, who owns the means of production, communication and distribution ? What is the form of governance emerging from a technical logic transformed in a technological apparatus?  The document reviews and questions the possible models, the economical and political topologies of communication as digitally constructed spaces.  Internet infrastructure defines as well its own contested space. A shared space to learn together how to negotiate further, or resist the technological rationalisation process imposed by neo-liberal politic. 
__"An extrastatecraft describes the often undisclosed activities outside of, in addition to, and sometimes even in partneship with statecraft".__
Keller Easterking in Extrastatecraft, the power of infrastructure, Verseau, 2016.

The full text will be released as the audio event begins, this Friday 24/04/2020 at 19:00 GMT, or 20:00 Helsinki time.
Refer to countdown on website.

20:00 Taneli 
21:00 Hisshet & Bereenondo 
22:00 Francois Bianco
22:00 MYÖS 23:00
DJ sets goes on...

http://www.stationofcommons.org/ <http://www.stationofcommons.org/>


Gregoire and Juan.

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