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Blurring Boundaries: Electronics as Material Practice
June 9-15, 2019 at Shakerag in Sewanee Tennessee/USA
Electricity does not have to be cased up inside slick metal enclosures; we can also let it flow through painted pine-cones, carved traces, and the water in our bodies. The segregation of our abilities into discrete disciplines leaves gray areas to be explored and missing links to be made. This workshop will provide you with a time and place to disrupt your own practice by introducing new materials, tools, techniques, and places of making -with a focus on introducing electricity as a material property that can be used to create interactive crafts.

More information:
>> http://www.kobakant.at/DIY/?p=7540 <http://www.kobakant.at/DIY/?p=7540>

Workshop registration: 
>> https://www.shakerag.org/page.cfm?p=1004

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