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Hi Annick

I've been exhibited within a few.  As mentioned many have disappeared since
then so I've provided a few urls to help you track down some info.

Most recently this was the most interesting to be a part of - #exstrange :
a curatorial intervention on ebay:

This was also interesting, if you can get it to work - I believe it was
part of some doctoral curatorial research:

The Unauthorized SFMOMA Show was an interesting mix of on/offline (I have a
copy of the catalogue if you need it and can't find it):

...and years ago Martin Wattenberg's Idealine:

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> Dear Spectrites,
> I am currently working on a research about online exhibitions.
> What are the online exhibitions formats that you have
> experimented (can be current or past) that you think were
> truly interesting ?
>  From my own experience:
> - The best one that I have seen is the "Temporary Stedelijk" one
> http://www.temporarystedelijk.com/
> Otherwise, the format models that I have identified are :
> - Table of content, text-based
> The iconic one being "Beyond Interface", curated by Steve
> Dietz, but it seems to have fully disappeared from the
> website of the Walker Art Center
> - Table of content, image-based
> The current "by-default" mode, such as this French project
> http://www.spamm.fr
> - Poster / Book cover
> Such as what I have tried with the FEAT project, where an
> image/drawing is designed to host the different works (in
> this case documented with the MemoRekall software)
> http://www.olats.org/feat/feat.php
> If you have any other suggestions I would love to have your
> feedback.
> Thanks !
> Best
> Annick

Garrett at asquare.org
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