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Might be interesting for you.

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>> Recruitment Inquiry
>> The School of Arts (SoA) of the Catholic University of Portugal
>informs about the opening of an international procedure of inquiry,
>selection and recruitment for the position of senior researcher and
>assistant professor.
>> Beyond its academic activity based on a multidisciplinary research,
>the SoA is strongly committed with the creation, study and diffusion of
>a manifold of artistic practices that range from animation, cinema,
>music, new media art and sound design, to heritage studies,
>conservation and restoration. The relation between art, science and
>technology is a privileged topic of research.
>> Furthermore, the SoA fosters a close contact with different artistic
>practices and research dynamics, through an intense programme of film
>screenings, exhibitions, seminars, residencies, and other events,
>promoting the presence of artists, researchers and guest professors.
>More information available here. 
>> Qualifications:
>> - Leadership of R&D multidisciplinary teams;
>> - Strong communication and science management skills: planning and
>strategy; proven capacity of developing fundraising strategies in
>national and international contexts; project development and
>> - Savviness in the SoA’s scientific field;
>> - PhD for more than 5 years in an artistic area or equivalent
>relevant to the mission of the SoA;
>> - Relevant scientific and/or artistic CV;
>> - Excellent oral and written communication abilities;
>> - Proficiency in English.
>> The selected candidate will demonstrate the capability to integrate
>the research team of CITAR in a leadership position, reporting directly
>to the SoA Direction.  More information about the research center
>available here. 
>> The desired profile must be evinced and described in the CV and the
>candidates should forward digital copies of 5 relevant published
>articles/books for appreciation.
>> This inquiry intends to fill a full-time position of assistant guest
>professor and integrated researcher, where 40% will be devoted to
>teaching and the remaining 60% to research.
>> The ranking and selection process will be undertaken by the Direction
>of the School of Arts, in articulation with the Rectory of the Catholic
>University of Portugal, in two phases:   
>>  documents assessment of all candidates; interview of the three
>highest ranked candidates. After this interview further elements of
>selection might be requested.
>> This inquiry starts on February 22nd and ends on March 22nd at 5pm
>(UTC +00) and applications must be sent via e-mail to the address:
>artes at porto.ucp.pt
>> The change of the current scientific and financial conjectures might
>require the repeal of this inquiry.
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