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Andreas Broeckmann ab at mikro.in-berlin.de
Thu Feb 21 09:53:23 CET 2019

[a message from janos about the latest activities of the orban 
government in hungary/eu; my (pedestrian) take on this smear campaign is 
that orban wants to provoke the exclusion of fidesz from the EPP faction 
in the european parliament _before_ the european elections in may; this 
exclusion will most probably happen afterwards anyway, but if it 
happened before may, this next step in fidesz's endless 
self-victimisation would perhaps gain them some additional votes; part 
of this is, of course, also that the EPP could have excluded fidesz 
years ago, but didn't, supposedly for tactical reasons (if this analysis 
was right, it would once more document the problem of tactics vs. 
strategies...); ab]

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Betreff: in the meantime in H
Datum: Thu, 21 Feb 2019 08:39:55 +0100
Von: János Sugár <sj at c3.hu>

hello andreas,

	there is the third anti soros campagne in hungary,  you can see the 
government's soros posters on billboards, in newspapers, and in any 
possible format.

Campaign claims commission president and George Soros are 'endangering 
Hungary's safety'

in german: 

earlier: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-europe-40554844



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