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Betreff: Augment and Disrupt, a 3-day Mini-Festival - 1-3 March
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Augment and Disrupt, a 3-day Mini-Festival - 1, 2 and 3 March

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IMPAKT mini-festival: /Augment and Disrupt/

On 1, 2 and 3 March Augment and Disrupt will take place in Utrecht. This 
3-day mini-festival will address various urgent topics in the 
interactions between art, society and technology. From the contested 
territories of new digital platforms to the future of the interface. The 
mini-festival will include panels, screenings, live performances and 
exhibition tours.

*Mini-festival* 1 – 3 March
Het Huis Utrecht, Boorstraat 107, Utrecht
*Exhibition* 9 February – 17 March
IMPAKT, Center for Media Culture, Lange Nieuwstraat 4, Utrecht

/Panels and performances: €8 (Discount €7)
Screenings: €6 (Discount €5)
Exhibition: €4 (Discount €3)
Discount for <18 / CJP / U-Pass/

       *DAY ONE: Contested Territories*

   * Gaming the Real World, a documentary by Anders Eklund where gaming
     and urban planning meet and how these games can potentially help
     with real life problems.
   * Operation Jane Walk, a pacifist city tour in the dystopian
     environment of the multiplayer shooter game /Tom Clancy’s: The
   * Virtual Agoras: Can Games Change the World?, a panel with Wouter
     Moraal, Marc Schuilenburg, Marloes de Valk and Lesley Taker on the
     potential of games creating understanding and compassion.
   * Understanding Datapolis: How Data Affects the City and Its
     Citizens, a panel with Vito Boeckx, Nanna Verhoeff & Sigrid Merx,
     Maria Roszkowska & Nicolas Maigret (DISNOVATION) and Minna Tarkka on
     how art can help illuminate the way data is harvested, exploited and
     its increasing influence on citizens and politics.
   * Click here
     for the complete 1 March schedule

       *DAY TWO: Future Interfaces

   * We Are Data, a curated screening of short films with work of Čeněk
     Zahradníček, Harun Farocki, Alain Resnais, Brian den Hartog, H5,
     Keiichi Matsuda and Peter Weibel & Hotel Morphila Orchester.
   * Your Interface, My Agency, a panel with Joana Moll, Sander Veenhof,
     Tobias Revel and Heracles Papatheodorou on how we can maintain
     agency on these new platforms and intermediates we are so dependent.
   * The Body Extended, a performance lecture by Marianna Maruyama and
     panel with Veronika Liebl, Ars Electronica, Access and Disablism /
     New Emergences and Marianna Maruyama on how interfaces as extensions
     of our bodies can increase our capabilities.
   * Click here
     for the complete 2 March schedule.

       *DAY THREE: Future Interfaces & Art ♥ Media*

   * School of Non-Humans, a panel with Tiziano Derme & Daniela
     Mitterberger, Margherita Pevere and Olga Majcen on how we talk to
     our machines and other intelligences.
   * Making Museums Future Proof, on how we can use new digital
     technologies to deepen the experience of the audiences of art
   * Click here
<https://impakt.us11.list-manage.com/track/click?u=8c757edf704e4d4f141d9bf58&id=347ee4d4cd&e=fb585df6a7> for
     the complete 3 March schedule.

*Professionals can request accreditation here 

*Coming up:*
9 February - 17 March - IMPAKT Exhibition: Truth That Lies 
1 -3 March - IMPAKT Mini-festival: Augment and Disrupt 
21-23 March -IMPAKT Event: Affected Words 
28 May - IMPAKT EVENT: Studium Generale 

Impakt 2019 would like to thank: Gemeente Utrecht 
Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie 
Europe Programme 

/Copyright © 2019 Impakt, All rights reserved./

*Our mailing address is:*
IMPAKT Center for Media Culture
Lange Nieuwstraat 4
3512 PH Utrecht
The Netherlands

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