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Wed Dec 11 22:13:35 CET 2019

Dear Colleagues and Friends,

2019 has been a busy year for Leonardo/Olats and it is our 
great pleasure to give you those three gifts to end the 
year. Enjoy !

*> /Neotenous Dark Dwellers – Lygophilia/, **Robertina 
Šebjanič**, video capsule***


(may not work on Chrome)

On December 5th, Leonardo/Olats was launching the video 
capsule about Robertina Šebjanič’s /Neotenous Dark 
Dwellers/artwork, in the framework of the « Aquatic 
Twillight » exhibition that is presenting the whole series 
of works belonging to the artist /Lygophilia/ project at the 
Galerija Tobačna 001 in Ljubljana (until January 15th 2020).

Based on the MemoRekall app, this video capsule is proposing 
a new online publication format in which various texts and 
documents are contextualising the artwork as the video rolls.

The « table of content » of the texts is appearing on a 
right side column as the video progresses. When one is 
selected a window opens that allows to read the text by 
clicking on the thumb nail image on the left side of the window.

The video capsule includes texts by Polona Tratnik, María 
Antonia González Valerio, Gregor Aljančič and Magdalena 
Năpăruş Aljančič and Annick Bureaud who is the editor of 
this project.

Direct link to the video capsule:


Direct link to the exhibition:


*> Virtual Africa : « Women Curators », series of podcasts*


Leonardo/Olats has relaunched its Virtual Africa project 
under the direction of Yvan Tina.

The gift of Yvan Tina for this end of the year is the first 
series of seven podcasts with the curators *Oulimata Gueye, 
Elise Atangana, Olivia Maëlle Breuleur et Aude-Christel Mbga*.

Yvan Tina writes : Virtual Africa is a project that aims to 
facilitate the encounters between the arts, sciences and new 
technologies in Africa and within the African diaspora.

In this series of interviews, one is interested in aesthetic 
issues related to the use of technology and contemporary 
curatorial practices, giving a voice to the women who 
contribute to the enlightening of the African scene (and its 
diaspora) through their work as artists, critics, art 
historians or curators.

Have a nice listening ! (the podcasts are in French)

*> LASER Paris : the video recordings are online*


This year, we have crossed Paris in its diagonale with the 
LASER meetings, from Ground Control to the Centquatre and 
then to the Pompidou Centre. The videos of this last meeting 
with Félicie d’Estienne d’Orves and Fabio Acero about their 
project /Light DNA/ and with Sandra and Gaspard 
Bébié-Valérian around their project /MyCore/ are online on 
YouTube and Vimeo (the introductions at the begining of each 
video are the same).

Leonardo/Olats has received support from the Daniel and Nina 
Carasso Foundation for those projects in 2019. The 
/Neotenous Dark Dwellers - Lygophilia /video capsule 
received support from the Projekt Atol Institute.

Nice watch, good reading and happy listening and ... enjoy 
the rest of 2019, see you again next year !

Annick Bureaud

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