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The third in an unintentional series of reveries, simple
compositions without verbal descriptions, pursued without
any larger purpose in mind.

58392 reverie nº3

58353 reverie nº2

58321 reverie nº1

58360 edge of town

A series of photographs made during a a walk among the
transition zone between nature and the edge of the urban


58295 trilogy ~

„Trilogy was born from the skilled layering of field
recordings and sounds deriving from microphonic frictions.
You will be surprised at how little ‘friction’ there is in
the final outcome as one plunges within its powerful
currents. The compound is in fact distinguished by assorted
gradations of psychoacoustic significance inside contexts of
gradual changes of state. … The main requisite for this
variety of sonic framework is balance, and nula.cc does not
need any lesson in that regard. The exact protraction of
certain pitches, the phantoms of noises subsequently
nurtured by intuition, the absence of ‘artistic’
fraudulence.“  – Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes.

The album includes three new tracks, as well as a bonus
track, a fresh remix of an old filecast.

1. the other three
2. hither in fog
3. ionosphere
4. ocean of steel (bonus)

Visit Bandcamp to download nula.cc works as full-resolution
24bit-48k audio files. You can pay what you want, even


The following filecasts have been revised with edits, updated
mixes, and improved mp3 encoding:

http://nula.cc/56851 down deep
http://nula.cc/56658 beginning
http://nula.cc/56633 put out the light
http://nula.cc/56499 nine minutes
http://nula.cc/56452 the millions
http://nula.cc/56428 density
http://nula.cc/56414 colossus of air
http://nula.cc/56341 aerograd

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