[spectre] CALL - inSonic 2018: Algorithmic Spaces - ZKM + ALMAT

Hanns Holger Rutz contact at sciss.de
Thu Sep 27 14:09:50 CEST 2018

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In the run-up to the festival »inSonic 2018: Algorithmic Spaces«
(December 7–8, 2018) the ZKM | Karlsruhe and the project »Algorithms
that Matter« (ALMAT) call for submissions of works dealing with space
and the spatiality of calculation processes. Deadline: October 14, 2018!

Are there inherent spatial properties of algorithms? What, for example,
is the connection between the iterations of code, the behavior of
multi-agent systems, the exploration of databases and their inscription
in perceptible, auditory space? We are looking for works that use
generative processes to produce space instead of using a secondary
spatialization process, treating space as a critical phenomenon
resulting from the work with algorithms, for sound artifacts that
investigate concepts of space by embedding them in algorithmic processes.

Submissions can include both fixed media compositions and live
performances. The Open Call for Works for the festival »inSonic 2018:
Algorithmic Spaces« focuses on works that apply unexpected,
non-cartesian, non-standardized, reckless and experimental approaches to
space in sound to map special materializations of algorithmic spaces.

Each submission must be accompanied by an explanation (max. 300 words)
explaining the space concept pursued and its strategy of implementation.
In addition, a technical description must be submitted which outlines
the ground plan of the piece, the spatial or environmental requirements
as well as expected rehearsal and set-up times.

The successful submissions will be presented at the opening concert of
»inSonic 2018: Algorithmic Spaces« in the Cube of the ZKM on December 7,

In addition to a fee of €300, the artists of the selected submissions
will be reimbursed travel costs of a maximum of €400 and accommodation
costs of a maximum of €200.

Submissions can be made up to and including Sunday, **October 14, 2018**
(with no expiring download link) by sending an e-mail to hertz-lab at zkm.de.

»inSonic 2018: Algorithmic Spaces« is a cooperation between ZKM |
Karlsruhe and »Algorithms that Matter« (ALMAT, FWF AR 403-GBL).


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