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Betreff: 	The news so faron the Body Missing Altaussee website
Datum: 	Fri, 31 Aug 2018 18:06:52 -0400
Von: 	Vera Frenkel <vfrenkel at sympatico.ca>

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

September 8th will mark a year since /Body Missing/, my video-photo-web 
project on art theft in the Third Reich, was installed inside the salt 
mine at Altaussee where the Nazis stored looted art intended for the 
proposed /Fuehrermuseum/ in Linz. The plan was to launch the /Body 
Missing Altaussee/ website on the first anniversary of the installation.

That was before a fierce storm caused a flood in my studio, with serious 
damage that I’m still digging out of.  Timely advice from Queen's 
University archivist Heather Home resulted in some of the wet drawings, 
collages, photographs and documents being carted off to a massive 
freezer in the suburbs, outcome still unknown.

Unsurprisingly, all the turmoil has caused a production delay, leaving 
me with the dilemma of either postponing the launch and disappointing 
expectations, or sharing a work that is still taking shape.

With its structure in place, there is still much work to do to complete 
the site's content and design, including adapting it for viewing on 
different platforms. Nevertheless, to honour all those who helped to 
realize the installation deep inside the mine, and those who wanted to 
be there and are waiting for the promised on-line visit, I’m hoping we 
can post a preliminary version to mark the 700 meter underground opening 
a year ago in the /Springwerk/ section of the mine.

We will send you the URL by email as soon as we know the early version 
has been posted.

And looking beyond this first glance, a more formal presentation of the 
completed project is being discussed for later this Fall - weather 

Thanks for your understanding, and warm regards,

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