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Tue Aug 7 07:43:14 CEST 2018

Hello on Spectre list,

We are very happy to announce that this year's RIXC festival and Open  
Fields 2018 Conference (taking place from September 13-15, 2018 in  
Riga) keynote speakers will be:

Bruce STERLING / science fiction author, journalist, critic and futurist / US
Bernhard SEREXHE / art historian, expert for electronic and digital  
art, author, curator / DE
Jasmina TESANOVIC / author, feminist, political activist, and  
filmmaker / US-RS
Mauro MARTINO / artist, designer, inventor and educator / Visual AI  
Lab, IBM / US

and we also would like to kindly remind that the Early Bird  
registration is open until August 25, 2018, registration is available  


Welcome to Riga, where we this year are celebrating 100th year's of Latvia!



Register Now! Global Control – RIXC Art Science Festival 2018 and   
OPEN FIELDS Conference Early Bird Registration is Open till August 25,  


RIXC Art Science Festival and Open Fields 2018 Conference
September 13–15, 2018, Riga

Register Now! http://festival2018.rixc.org

“Knowledge is power. And power is possessed especially
by whoever controls the flow of information.”
(from Global Control and Censorship* exhibition concept)

Marking the centennial anniversary of independent Latvia and Baltic  
countries, this year's festival takes up the call by becoming a space  
for artistic interventions and hot-button conversations addressing the  
complexity and future of digital society, especially with regards to  
ubiquitous surveillance and data privacy.

* Keynote Speakers:

Bruce STERLING / science fiction author, journalist, critic and futurist / US
Bernhard SEREXHE / art historian, expert for electronic and digital  
art, author, curator / DE
Jasmina TESANOVIC / author, feminist, political activist, and  
filmmaker / US-RS
Mauro MARTINO / artist, designer, inventor and educator / Visual AI  
Lab, IBM / US

This year's festival featuring exhibition is a collaboration between  
Goethe Institut, ZKM and RIXC; titled – Global Control and Censorship,  
the exhibition aims to expand the public debate about ever-present  
surveillance and censorship methods.

The festival conference titled Global Control, is a part of Latvia's  
100th anniversary program and it takes place in the framework of  
Creative Europe's supported RISK CHANGE project. The Global Control  
conference will investigate issues from three main perspectives. The  
first, “hybrid war”, is particularly relevant in the context of the  
Baltic states independence celebration year, when continuous  
“post-truth” propaganda in media and tensions around military training  
in this region are on the rise. We also discuss the issue of “fake  
news”, its consequences on global politics, and its impacts on  
individual nations.

The second perspective deals with “surveillance and immersion”; as we  
all are under surveillance, we need to become aware of both the  
enormous scale of “watching”, as well as the potential “depth” of  
watching due to the development of immersive technologies. The third,  
concerns “the next big privacy” issue, discussed from a “data  
politics” perspective – What is the future of our social media? How  
can we feel safe about our data we publish on the internet today?, and  
How to maintain trust with the next generation?

These are just a few of critical topics that will be critically  
discussed and explored in Global Control festival through a series of  
public keynotes, artistic interventions, thematic panel presentations,  
open public discussions, performances, and participatory workshops.  
The broad festival program will be closing with the Swamp Radio and  
Acoustic Surveillance program, featuring artistic interventions and  
immersive sound installations in Kemeri Bog.


Thursday, September 13, 2018
17.00 – Opening Keynote Lectures: Bruce STERLING, Bernhard SEREXHE
19.00 – Festival and “Global Control and Censorship” Exhibition Opening

Friday, September 14, 2018
10.00 – Global Control Conference, Day 1: Plenary and Panel Sessions
17.00 – Public Keynote Lectures: Jasmina TESANOVIC, Mauro MARTINO
20.00 – Satellite Program: Performances and Installations / Tallinas  
Street Quarter

Saturday, September 15, 2018
10.00 – Global Control Conference, Day 2: Plenary and Panel Sessions
16.00 – Swamp Radio and Acoustic Surveillance: Artistic Interventions  
in Kemeri Bog


Open Fields 2018: Global Control
September 13 – 15, 2018, The National Library of Latvia, Conference Center

REGISTER NOW! The Early Bird registation is open until August 25, 2018

The Open Fields conference is the annual gathering in Riga, Latvia,  
for international scholars and artists working at the intersection of  
arts, humanities and science. This year's conference with the title  
Global Control will gather together more then 80 participants –  
artists, researchers, scientists, technology innovators, designers,  
theoreticians and activists from 25 countries world-wide.

* hybrid war, fake news and post-truth
* the next big privacy, data politics and social visibility
* surveillance, immersion and VR/AR environments
* brainwaves science and neural networks
* AI, network visualisation and data tracing
* global information space and local media ecosystems
* acoustics and espionage, from radio to social media

* Conference Speakers:

Sebastian Althoff, Gillian Baldwin, Arno Baltin, Martyna Bikulčiūtė,  
Kathryn Blair, Niels Bonde, Jade Boyd, Mez Breeze, Kim Burgas, David  
Schmüdde, Giovanna Casimiro, Budhaditya Chattopadhyay, Oksana  
Chepelyk, Cultura Plasmic Inc., Marc DaCosta, Noemi Diamantini, Ariana  
Dongus, Pascal Glissmann, Andreas Henrich, Olivier Arcioli, Pascal  
Glissmann, Selena Kimball, Mitch Goodwin, Matthew Graydon, Jasmine  
Guffond, Varvara Guljajeva, Haakon Haraldsen Roen, Benjamin  
Bocquillon, Stephanie Hoebeke, Stefano Nichele, Kristin Bergaust,  
Heidi Dahlsveen, Henrik Lieng, Bianca Hlywa, Ricardo Iglesias, Mark  
Jarzombek, Zachary Kaiser, Raivo Kelomees, Stacey Koosel, Leily  
Khatibi, Roya Ebtehaj, Yi Liu, Cleia Dantas, Fan Feng, Andrew Blanton,  
Korsten & De Jong, Karla Kracht, Andrés Beladiez, Björn Lengers,  
Marcel Karnapke, Robert B. Lisek, Richard Lowenberg, Karolina  
Majewska, Nikita Mazurov, Conor Mcgarrigle, Richard Merritt, Salvador  
Miranda, Daniela Mitterberger, Tiziano Derme, Maciej Ożóg, Jakub Palm,  
Ellen Pearlman, Daniel Pillis, Dani Ploeger, Elke Reinhuber, The Urban  
Beautician, Tivon Rice, Stefan Riebel, Vincenzo Sansone, Tim Schwartz,  
Julian Scordato, Pablo De Soto, Aarti Sunder, Frank Theys, Brad Todd,  
Monica Tolia, MOON Martina Zelenika, The Miha Artnak, Colette Tron,  
Violeta Vojvodic Balaz, Waiwai/Hiuwai Chan, John Brumley

* Organizers

The Open Fields conference is organized by RIXC in collaboration with  
Liepaja University's Art Research Lab and Renewable Futures Network.
This year, the Open Fields conference is taking place in the framework  
of the Centenary of the Republic of Latvia Celebration Programme, and  
it takes place in the framework of Creative Europe's supported RISK  
CHANGE project.

* Conference Proceedings

The selected papers will be published in the next volume of the  
Acoustic Space, double blind peer-reviewed journal & book series. The  
call for papers will be announced shortly after the conference.


Global Control and Censorship
September 14 – October 21, 2018, The National Library of Latvia,  
Exhibition Hall

The exhibition is based on the collaboration with a network of  
scientists, journalists, activists, and artists in some twenty  
countries around the world, and in cooperation with expert  
organizations such as the German PEN Center, the Chaos Computer Club,  
Reporters Without Borders, and such platforms as netzpolitik.org,  
digitalcourage.de, WikiLeaks, and others. The exhibition’s aim is to  
expand public debate about the ever-present surveillance and  
censorship methods, which is an urgent priority not only due to  
constant new reports in the media, but especially because of the  
extensive obstruction of the investigation of these practices.

The exhibition will feature 33 both internationally recognized and  
emerging artists works from more than 13 countries world-wide,  
including Latvia. The exhibition is produced by Goethe-Institut Riga  
and RIXC, in cooperation with the ZKM | Center for Art and Media  

Artists: Artist collective “3/8" (LV), aaajiao (CN), Hamra Abbas (KW /  
US), Selma Alaçam (DE), Halil Altındere (TR), Daniel G. Andújar (ES),  
Zach Blas (US / GB), Osman Bozkurt (TR), James Bridle (GB / GR), Alice  
Cavoudjian dite Galli (FR / DE), Hasan Elahi (BD / US), Finger  
Pointing Worker + Kota Takeuchi (JP), Kaspars Groševs (LV), Michael  
Grudziecki (PL / DE), KIT-KASTEL (DE), Frédéric Krauke (DE), Marc Lee  
(CH), Virginia Mastrogiannaki (GR), Erik Mátrai (HU), Ruben Pater  
(NL), Dan Perjovschi (RO), Ma Qiusha (CN), Pēters Riekstiņš (LV),  
Oliver Ressler (AT), Bernhard Serexhe (DE), Christian Sievers (DE),  
Alex Wenger (CH / DE) & Max-Gerd Retzlaff (DE)

Exhibition Curators: Bernhard Serexhe and Lívia Nolasco-Rózsás



* OF2018: GLOBAL CONTROL Conference Steering Committee ad Co-Chairs:
Prof. Rasa SMITE / RIXC / MIT ACT, USA / FHNW, Switzerland / Liepaja  
University, Latvia
Prof. Kristin BERGAUST / OsloMet-Oslo Metropolitan University, Norway
Dr. Ellen PEARLMAN / Parsons / New School / Art-A-Hack / ThoughtWorks  
/ New York, USA

* OPEN FIELDS Conference International Scientific Board:
Prof. Lev MANOVICH / Cultural Analytics Lab / The Graduate Center,  
City University of New York, US
Ph.D. Jussi PARIKKA / Winchester School of Art / University of  
Southampton / UK
Ph.D. Geoff COX / Plymouth University, UK
Prof. Kristin BERGAUST / Oslo and Akershus University, Norway
Assoc. Prof. Laura BELOFF / IT University, Copenhagen / Finnish Bioart  
Society, Helsinki, Finland
Prof. Lily DIAZ-KOMMONEN / Head of Research Department of Media, Aalto  
University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Helsinki, Finland
Assoc. Prof. Yvonne Volkart, the Institute of Aesthetic Practice,  
Academy of Art and Design Basel, FHNW, Switzerland
Prof. Ursula DAMM / Bauhaus University Weimar, Germany
Dr. Vytautas MICHELKEVICIUS / Nida Art Colony, Vilnius Academy of  
Arts, Lithuania
Ph.D. Margrét Elísabet ÓLAFSDÓTTIR / Art Education at the University  
of Akureyri, Iceland
Dr. Ilva SKULTE / Riga Stradins University, Latvia
Dr. Piibe PIIRMA / Tallinn University / Estonian Academy of Arts,  
Tallinn, Estonia
Ph. D. Raivo KELOMEES / Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn, Estonia
Regine DEBATTY / we-make-money-not-art.com / UK/BE
Aleksandra KOSTIC / Kibla / Risk Change project / Maribor, Slovenia


* RIXC festival curators: Rasa SMITE and Raits SMITS

The festival is organized by RIXC Center for New Media Culture.
RIXC Festival producers and contacts – Agnese Baranova (exhibition,  
agnese at rixc.org) and Daina Silina (conference, daina at rixc.org), PR and  
information – rixc at rixc.org

Contacts: rixc at rixc.org, +371 67228478, +371 26546776

Support: The State Culture Capital Foundation of Latvia, Riga City  
Council, Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, the Ministry  
of Culture of the Republic of Latvia, LV100, EU Programme Creative  
Europe's Risk Change project, Goethe-Institut, ZKM Center for Art and  
Media Karlsruhe, National Library of Latvia, Art Research Lab (MPLab)  
of Liepajas University, RISEBA University.




Dr Rasa Smite
Artist, Curator and Founder of RIXC, The Center for New Media Culture in Riga,
Professor in New Media Art / Art Research Lab / Liepaja University,
Researcher in The Institute of Aesthetic Practices / The University of  
Applied Sciences Northwestern Switzerland
Lecturer at MIT Program in Art, Culture and Technology / School of  
Architecture and Planning
Phone: +371-26546776 (LV)

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