[spectre] REMINDER: Open call for failed e-textile work and projects; samples, prototypes and tests.

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Open call for failed e-textile work and projects; samples, prototypes
and tests @ PIKSEL17

Deadline october 1.


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Within the realm of electronic and smart textiles there have been
promising technological investigations that never quite managed to
reach their potential. However, despite these disappointments,
industrial and academic research, as well as artistic inquiry, continue
to explore the possibilities of electronic and smart textiles.

Our investigation seeks to understand the various stages of the
development of the field, exploring the paths of how and why they
occurred, as well as when they did.

Every development has its price. Failure has always been part of the
creative process, as a learning experience. In many fields, recording
glitches and keeping a catalogue of failures are part of the research
process. These benchmarks are not always in the spotlight, but taking a
look at the process itself says a lot about artists, designers,
technologists thought processes. Test-benches are a form of thinking
through and with the materials, a form of playing around, of advancing
by small steps.

But failures and trials have their drive not only in the technical
constraints. In the age of “fast prototyping,” “publish or perish” and
“start-up competitions,” our project is also an attempt to reflect on
the present technological boom and innovation obsolescence, encouraging
an ecological perspective which will take into consideration the whole
cycle of conception, consumption, ageing, and degradation of
technology. By doing so, this project wants to put a new light on
technically overstepped products and failed prototypes, rejected
wearables and e-textiles projects, and to launch a debate about the
“fast” design and scientific practices that define our present.

As an interdisciplinary field, electronic textiles and wearables are
also the ground for a series of interdisciplinary clashes between
textiles and electronics, between software and hardware, between open
source and commercial platforms. These clashes are producing inspiring
work, but some encounters are also the source of frustration and

This collection of attempts, failures, trials and errors it is not
intended to praise the failures, nor to minimize the successes of
wearables and e-textiles. By questioning the idea of failure and
success, the project will put emphasis on art’s capacity to critically
and, at the same time, poetically and self-ironically, address
contemporary challenges and concerns.

In a sort of forensic processes and significance tests, this project
calls for technical trials and errors, failed prototypes, and rejected
art and design works in order to put into a new light the potential of
e-textiles and wearables. Our intention is to show the richness of the
processes, of what has been already done in the electronic and smart
textiles domain and to bring into the discussions ethical, ecological
and sustainability issues of wearables and e-textiles. The focus will
be on the distance between ideals and constraints, between concepts and


November 16-18 2017
Bergen, Norway

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