[spectre] STWST48x3 - MIND LESS [48hours] [part 1]

Shu Lea Cheang shulea at earthlink.net
Sat Sep 2 15:38:57 CEST 2017

Dear spectre

This is the 3rd year, STADTWERKSTATT is hosting the 48 hour STWST48 
happening during and with the cooperation of Ars Electronica.We hope to 
see some of you here at the house, Stadtwerkstatt occupies the buidling 
of cafe strom, in between Ars electronica center and futurelab.If you 
take a beer at Strom, step inside the building to find this multi-venue 
mini-complex of art, club and autonomous structure. sl


48 hours MIND LESS


Start:14:00, Sept 8^(FRI), 2017

End:14:00, Sept 10 (SAT), 2017

Stadtwerkstatt, Linz, Austria

Under the slogan MIND LESS, STWST48x3, the third edition of STWST48 
hosted by STADTWERKSTATT <http://www.stadtwerkstatt.com/>, offers a 
48-hour showcase-art-extravaganza of the expanding kind. Mindless 
information, open states of mind, an infolab in opposite to new media, 
quasi-coordinates of extended contexts, funky fungis, digital physics 
and a Meltdown Totale: STWST48x3 MIND LESS is addressing new art 
contexts that have been developed in and around the Stadtwerkstatt Linz 
in recent years.


STADTWERKSTATT <http://www.stadtwerkstatt.com/>means art, club and 
autonomous structure since 1979. Currently, the Stadtwerkstatt is active 
in the areas of New Art Contexts, operates a club and the Cafe Strom, 
media channels such as the print Versorgerin and other art and discourse 

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