[spectre] post-totalitarian denouncing of interactivity, was: SPECTRE Digest, Vol 167, Issue 15

Andreas Broeckmann ab at mikro.in-berlin.de
Thu Jan 19 15:27:09 CET 2017

Dear Sally-Jane,

this sounds like the kind of argument that Alexei Shulgin might have put 
forward. A brief search brings up this:

Alexei Shulgin: "Art, Power, and Communication" (1996)

was debated on several lists, a.o. on Syndicate and included here:

(Syndicate Reader)
Deep Europe: The 1996 – 97 edition. Selected texts from the V2_East / 
Syndicate mailing list. Edited by Inke Arns, Andreas Broeckmann, Berlin 1997

RHIZOME DIGEST: October 11, 1996, http://www.rhizome.com

... and discussed here:


Regards from your humble archivist,

Am 17.01.17 um 13:18 schrieb sally jane norman:
> Dear Spectres and especially ancient ones
> I'm trying to remember who, back on syndicate or nettime or..., in any
> case on a slightly smaller and more genuinely conversational list, some
> time in the mid nineties, from "deep Europe", denounced interactivity as
> being western technology driven push-button behaviour with associated
> myths of empowerment that was the last thing needed or desired in
> totalitarian or post-totalitarian regimes.
> Any clues/ ideas hugely appreciated
> all best
> sj

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