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>From: Ricardo Dal Farra <ricardo.dalfarra at concordia.ca>
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>Subject: [call: e-art & climate change] BALANCE-UNBALANCE conference 2017
>[Arts + Sciences x Technology = Environment / Responsibility]
>- A Sense of Place -
>August 21 to 23, 2017 
>i-DAT, Plymouth University, UK. 
>- <http://balance-unbalance2017.org/>http://balance-unbalance2017.org) 
>is an International Conference designed to 
>use ART as a catalyst to explore intersections 
>we move into an era of both unprecedented 
>ecological threats and transdisciplinary 
>The BALANCE-UNBALANCE conference will bring 
>artists together with scientists, economists, 
>philosophers, politicians, management and policy 
>experts, sociologists and engineers from across 
>the world with the intent of engendering a 
>deeper awareness and creating lasting 
>intellectual working partnerships in solving our 
>global environmental crisis.
>"We are living in a world reaching a critical 
>point where the equilibrium between a healthy 
>environment, the energy our society needs to 
>maintain or improve this lifestyle and the 
>interconnected economies could pass more quickly 
>than expected from the current complex balance 
>to a complete new reality where unbalance would 
>be the rule and human beings would need to be as 
>creative as never before to survive. 
>Environmental problems, economic uncertainty and 
>political complexity have been around for a long 
>time. What was different before was the speed 
>and depth of transformations compared with 
>today's sudden changes. The frequent occurrence 
>and severity that certain weather and 
>climate-related events are having around us is 
>increasing, and the ability of human beings on 
>modifying adjacent surroundings as well as 
>distant places have turn into a power capable of 
>altering the planet [Š] The arts could play a 
>major part in helping the global society to 
>understand the magnitude of the crisis we are 
>facing, and in promoting the awareness around 
>environmental matters. it could also be a very 
>good vehicle to disseminate proposals able 
>produce changes in our behavior and decisions, 
>influencing our chances for the future. Artists 
>could promote inter and transdisciplinary 
>actions focusing on our responsibility regarding 
>the turning point we are living in defining the 
>future of -human- life on Earth."
>For further information on the BALANCE-UNBALANCE 
>read: <http://balance-unbalance2017.org/files/2016/08/Dal_Farra_BunB_Breaking_Paradigms_2015.pdf>Breaking 
>Paradigms: Electronic Arts & Humanitarian 
>Actions by Ricardo Dal Farra.
>2017 invites papers, transdisciplinary 
>workshops, artistic activities and 
>artefacts (including VR and Fulldome content), posters and panels that 
>respond to the provocation provided by the 
>'Sense of Place' theme. These initiatives should 
>propose new opportunities for 
>digital/electronic/media arts to catalyse 
>transdisciplinary activity and behaviour change 
>to help solve our global environmental crisis.
>BunB 2017 wishes to build on the work of 
>previous BunB Conferences by cultivating virtual 
>and networked models which allow increased 
>diversity, access and dissemination whilst 
>significantly reducing the carbon footprint of a 
>major international conference.
>BALANCE-UNBALANCE 2017, A Sense of Place is the 
>6th edition in the conference 
>series: <http://balance-unbalance2017.org/>http://balance-unbalance2017.org 
>BunB 2016 - Manizales, 
>Colombia: <http://www.balance-unbalance2016.org/>www.balance-unbalance2016.org
>BunB 2015 - Arizona, United 
>States: <http://www.balance-unbalance2015.org/>www.balance-unbalance2015.org
>BunB 2013 - Noosa, 
>Australia: <http://www.balance-unbalance2013.org/>www.balance-unbalance2013.org
>BunB 2011 - Montreal, 
>Canada: <http://www.balance-unbalance2011.hexagram.ca/>www.balance-unbalance2011.hexagram.ca
>BunB 2010 - Buenos Aires, 
>Argentina: <http://www.ceiarteuntref.edu.ar/eq-deseq-en>www.ceiarteuntref.edu.ar/eq-deseq-en
>About the theme for BunB 2017: "A Sense of Place".
>Our increasingly mediated relationship with the 
>environment brings new insights to the invisible 
>forces that affect complex ecologies. From 
>meteorological data flows to temporal climate 
>change models, our relationship with our 
>environment is becoming more abstract, simulated 
>and remote - tempering our desire to act. Could 
>it be that we know more and experience less? 
>BunB17 maps the coordinates of our Sense of 
>Place - the horizontal landscape to the vertical 
>transcalar spaces of the macro/micro.
>The 6th edition of the BunB conference will be 
>held from August 21 to 23 of 2017 in Plymouth, 
>UK. Produced by i-DAT in collaboration with the 
>Sustainable Earth Institute and Art and Sound at 
>Plymouth University, BunB17 is being produced in 
>collaboration with the North Devon's UNESCO 
>Biosphere Reserve, Beaford Arts and Fulldome UK.
>Deadline for submissions:
>January 16, 2017 (midnight, UK time).
>Notification of acceptance: February 28, 2017.
>Call for 
>participation: <http://balance-unbalance2017.org/call-for-participation>http://balance-unbalance2017.org/call-for-participation/
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