[spectre] In-Time - Exploration from within

françois miville-deschênes hello at brainprivacy.is
Mon Feb 20 00:21:30 CET 2017

In-Time - Exploration from within

In-Time is an ongoing project that i initiated in response to a court decision in Quebec concerning my mental health. The court has orderned forced hospital stay, and forced treatment for 3 years due a condition that i would have, that they describe as being psychotic. 

Since i agry and like to conform to all forms of authority, i managed to infiltrate a cell phone with internet access within the hospital. This email is sent with the aparatus in question.

Gifs, pics and texts are the main elements you will find online on my site. Having an ftp client on a cell can make the pills go down with a smile.

Have a nice day MDFK.



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