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*Ràdio Web MACBA most listened podcasts - January 2017
<http://rwm.macba.cat>**1- PROBES series. Curated by Chris Cutler

Link: http://rwm.macba.cat/en/probes_tag

PROBES <http://rwm.macba.cat/en/probes_tag> takes Marshall McLuhan’s
conceptual contrapositions as a starting point to analyse and expose the
search for a new sonic language made urgent after the collapse of tonality
in the twentieth century. The series looks at the many probes and
experiments that were launched in the last century in search of new musical
resources, and a new aesthetic; for ways to make music adequate to a world
transformed by disorientating technologies.

You can find the latest instalment of the series, exploring the impact of
Indian instruments in Western Music here.

*2- <http://rwm.macba.cat/en/sonia/sonia148_mark_fisher/capsula> SON[I]A
#148. Mark Fisher

Link: http://rwm.macba.cat/en/sonia/sonia148_mark_fisher/capsula

Mark Fisher (RIP) talks about crisis, insurrection and Really Existing
Capitalism. In this podcast, he brilliantly analyses the role of the media,
the education system, the link between Neoliberalism and brain chemistry,
and what he calls business ontology 'in a world in which internment camps
and franchise coffee bars co-exist.'


Link: http://rwm.macba.cat/en/research/on-listening-1/capsula

Can we think through listening? Seth-Kim Cohen, Christoph Cox, Julian
Henriques, Casey O’Callaghan, Peter Szendy and Salomé Voegelin help us to
explore philosophy’s seeming difficulty in grappling with listening and its
counterpart – sound – as a powerful deconstructive means to cut through
some of the philosophical certainties that underpin classical and modern
Western thought.

*4- <http://rwm.macba.cat/en/sonia/robert-janz-/capsula>**SON[I]A #232.
<http://rwm.macba.cat/en/sonia/sonia148_mark_fisher/capsula>Robert Janz

Link: http://rwm.macba.cat/en/sonia/robert-janz-/capsula

Robert Janz is a painter sculptor, printmaker, poet and street artist. He
was born in Belfast in 1932 and studied at the Rinehart School of Sculpture
in Baltimore, and by the time he turned twenty he had started drawing on
the wet sand on Venice Beach, Los Angeles, using sticks he picked up along
the way. The lines were erased by the incoming waves and he obsessively
drew them again and again. These early ephemeral drawings eventually became
the project 'Waves Between Waves' (1977), which got him into a gallery and
into the art scene.

*5- **SON[I]A #229. Andrea Fraser

Link: http://rwm.macba.cat/en/sonia/andrea-fraser/capsula

In this podcast, Andrea Fraser talks about the challenges and limitations
of cultural activism, the sub-fields of art, the relationship between
artists and the market, and the museum in the neoliberal era

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