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fyi, that was a documenta project and is now archived in audio…

Art of the Possible: Towards an International Antifascist Feminist Front

Writer Angela Dimitrakaki, visual artist Sanja Ivekovic and Berlin-based theorist Antonia Majaca animated the new Monument to Revolution installed in Athens, facilitated by Documenta 14. The original monument in Berlin (in memory of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht) was destroyed by the Nazis. The new monument is erected  symbolically in Athens, where the struggle against capitalism is rife. 

We asked 30 international feminist contributors to send us a recording on fascism and the importance of feminist struggle against it. The collection of recordings is scored by sound sculptor AGF.

AGF (poemproducer) presented & scored the speeches and broadcasted on #documenta14 #savvyfunk radio
on the 28 JUN 2017 10pm Berlin #Antifascism #Feminism #Speeches #Disembtechyb #Documenta14

contributions by 

Cecilia Vicuña (artist and poet, Chile)
Intro by Angela Dimitrakaki
Revolutionary Association of the Women of Afghanistan/RAWA (Afghanistan)
Mujeres Públicas (activist art collective, Argentina)
Elke Krasny (art theorist, Austria)
Jaleh Mansoor (art historian, Canada)
Vesna Kesić (activist and writer, Croatia)
Le Zbor (feminist choir, Croatia)
Kuratorisk Aktion (Frederikke Hansen and Tone Olaf Nielsen, CAMP founders, Denmark)
Mare Tralla (artist and activist, Estonia/UK)
Arahmaiani (artist and activist, Indonesia)
Giovanna Zapperi (art historian, Italy/France)
Isabell Lorey (political theorist, Germany)
Athena Athanasiou (social anthropologist, Greece)
Phoebe Giannisi (poet, Greece)
To Mov/The Purple (feminist collective, Greece)
The Organisation of United African Women (Migrant Women Association, Greece) 
Larissa Vergou (actress and elected councilor of Athens Municipality, Greece)
Universal Jenny (poet/s, Greece)
Dilar Dirik (writer and activist, Kurdish Women’s Movement)
Sylvia Marcos (writer and activist, Mexico)
Syreny.tv (Ewa Majewska & Aleka Polis, feminist network, Poland)
Ana Teixeira Pinto & Alex Martinis Roe (writers and artists, Portugal/Australia/Germany)
Gülsün Karamustafa (artist, Turkey)
Esther Leslie (political and cultural theorist, UK)
International Women’s Strike (USA), The National Women’s Liberation (USA)
Bojana Pejić (art historian, Serbia)
Shubigi Rao (artist and writer, Singapore)
Nuria Enguita Mayo (art historian, Spain)

***sound & curation 
AGF: twitter @poemproducer 

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