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Karoussos Archives: Field Study in Residence - Byzantine Visulation 

Deadline for submission proposals: 1 September 2017    

Timetable Open Round 2018:

08 - 22 January /12 -26 February / 05 - 19 March 

The 15-day field study programme is generally intended for interdisciplinary
scholars in the early stages of their careers. Candidates may be at doctoral
or postdoctoral level in the following areas, though not limited to these:
Digital Humanities, Visualisation and Data Design, Immersive and Interacting
Environments, Digital Narrative, Virtual Reality, Gaming and Interactive
Storytelling. PhD candidates should have been enrolled for a doctoral degree
at least one year before submitting to programme.

With its unique Byzantine cultural asset, Karoussos Archive provides a
navigation aid through the process of research by acquiring a first-rate
cultural asset for analysis that can support both the exploration of
research questions and the infrastructure for testing, prototyping and
documenting. Original worksheets from the frescoes executed in Byzantine
churches, photos and slides from the work in situ, remain intentionally
unpublished so they can be used as a first-level resource for research on
cultural heritage and digital / emerging technologies. Moreover, various
models of technological practices which are compatible with the cultural
asset of Byzantine frescoes in churches (parabolic mirror projections,
immersive and achieropoesis practices) are available for testing and
documenting, along with recommendations, depending on each research project.

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