[spectre] Coming soon: LASER Paris, May 3rd

Annick2 anikburo at gmail.com
Wed Apr 19 17:41:50 CEST 2017

Dear Spectrites,

If you happen to be be in Paris, we'll be happy to welcome 
you to our next LASER meeting on May 3rd. Don't forget to 
register, it is free, but needed!

Leonardo/Olats, La Diagonale Paris-Saclay et Le Fonds de 
dotation agnès b. are happy to invite you to attend the next 
meeting of LASER Paris with Karine Bonneval & Claire 
Damesin, François-Joseph Lapointe, and Ana Rewakowicz.

Wednesday May 3rd 2017
at agnès b.
17 rue Dieu, Paris 10ème
19h00 - 21h30.


Free entrance in the limit of available seats, registration 
NOTE : It will be in French

 > Karine Bonneval (artist) and Claire Damesin 
(ecophysiologist at laboratoire ESE / Ecology, Systematic 
and Evolution, UPSud, CNRS, AgroParisTech atOrsay // about 
their project "Dendromité : En intimité avec les arbres" 
(project supported by La Diagonale Paris-Saclay).

 > François-Joseph Lapointe (artist and scientist, professor 
at the Department of biological sciences of the University 
of Montreal) // "De la chorégénétique à l'art métagénomique" 
about his performances and artistic creations with his 

 > Ana Rewakowicz (interdisciplinary artist, born in Poland, 
lives in Montreal, In residence at the Cité internationale 
des arts  // around her current on-going project "Mist 

 > Moderator : Annick Bureaud

During each meeting of LASER Paris, two artists and two 
scientists present and discuss their work. Each time, one of 
those "duos" is a project supported by La Diagonale 
Paris-Saclay. For this year 2017, the topic of anthropocene 
is a runing thread: for each meeting, at least one 
participant will be an artist or a scientist whose work is 
adressing this theme. And, as is usual in a LASER talk, the 
floor will be given to the audience during the discussions 
and with a specific time for its own announcements.

Leonardo/Olats (www.olats.org), La Diagonale Paris-Saclay 
(http://www.ladiagonale-paris-saclay.fr) et Le Fonds de 
dotation agnès b. (http://www.fondsagnesb.co/)

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