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nEUROsis - Call for papers

The political events of 2015-2016 witnessed the rise of far and alt right
politics in many countries including the US, the Philippines, and various
countries in the EU. This shift reveals a dissatisfaction with the
currently long established political parties but also with what appears to
be an increasing inability to imagine a better, more egalitarian, and safe

The nEUROsis exhibition (http://www.neme.org/events/neurosis) presented at
the NeMe Arts Centre in November and December of 2016 focused on the role
of art in the present political and economic environment. The invited
artists' work offered not only a critical approach to the turbulent times
we have been observing and experiencing, but also alternative possible
solutions to what is seen by many as the continuous development of an
unfair, divisive, and catastrophic global political system.

The Leonardo Electronic Almanac (MIT press), together with NeMe, invites
papers from academics, researchers, artists, curators, and activists for
issues investigating questions such as: Can art play a role in instigating
socio-political change? What is the political role of art in the internet
age? Do artists have a moral responsibility not only to reflect, but to
propose new, alternative systems? What is the role of artists in helping to
develop new utopias?

Relevant areas of interest addressed by the issue’s contributors could
include, but are by no means limited to:

* European politics: How can art’s power become more expansive?
* Changing cultural narratives    ,
* art and economics,
* activist art, cultural  and political strategies
* neo-liberalism, capitalism, actionism, interventionism,
hyper-normalization, accelerationism, post-democracy, and social and
political exploitation and/or disassociation
* economic suppression, economic crisis, EU troika
* psychology, psychology and politics

We welcome submissions which explore the current failures of contemporary
politics and economics - especially in the EU-concerning countries like
Portugal, Italy, Greece, Spain, and Cyprus. Additional possible topics
include critical insights into Brexit and the shortcomings and possible
collapse of the European Union.

Please submit your abstract by September 1, 2017

The deadline for submission for the completed articles will be December 30,

More information can be found on

See abstract and paper submission process and guidelines at

Follow us on Twitter (https://twitter.com/nemeorg/) and Facebook (
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