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	what in hungary is going on is not nationalism, but ethinicism,
big difference.

Gáspár Miklós Tamás:
To get as far as they possibly could from 
democratic nationalism-which is a variant of 
classical republicanism: political equality and 
self-determination-they engaged in what I called 
ethnicism: an apolitical, destructive practice, 
opposed to the idea of citizenship. Transylvanian 
Hungarians were in the first ranks of the 1989 
Romanian revolution, which they were 
repudiating-as it was 'foreign'-within a few 
months, after having been victims of Romanian 
pogroms. Common citizenship appears as a chimera. 
Small wonder though: citizenship and 
civic-democratic nationalism are dependent on the 
state, annihilated by neo-liberal politics. 
Nationalism has reunited small principalities in 
large states-Italy, Germany, Romania, 
Czecho-Slovakia, Poland, Yugoslavia, maybe even 
Soviet Russia. Ethnicism has destroyed them and 
created miserable little statelets, provincial 
and barbarous, dependent on international finance 
and local mafia for their livelihood. In this 
respect, Eastern Europe is not variegated. It is 
an area of fear where a plastic replica of 
tribalism appears soothing and homey.





At 9:43 AM -0500 4/4/17, Frederic Neyrat wrote:
>nationalism is a good thing? I certainly misunderstood your email, sorry,
>as nationalism leads to wars and global destruction, cf. WW1, WW2 - and WW3?

>2017-04-04 8:16 GMT-05:00 heath bunting <heathbunting at irational.org>:

>  > it appears to me that like many other countries, hungary is disengaging
>>  from imperial vassal statehood and returning to nationalism
>>  this is potentially a good thing, as the rule of international law is
>>  incompatible with imperialism and nationalism at least has the option to
>  > be compatible with international law

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